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The recent economy has left millions of Americans out of work and many million others working fewer hours per week than they would like to. On top of that, many people are now working jobs at a lower pay rate than they are used to.

As a result, many millions are feeling their standard of living shrink. They are giving up not only luxuries, but necessities also. Many families have taken in their parents or adult children because they can no longer survive on their own.

Job security is a thing of the past. I have lost track of how many top-quality people, used to earning a significant income, have responded to my marketing in recent months, searching for another option.

More and more Americans are searching for another source of income. People ask me all the time if  MLM  or network marketing is a viable alternative for job seekers. My answer is always the same…Most definitely!

Here are the main reasons starting an  MLM  business makes sense to job seekers.

 MLM  or network marketing is a proven home based business model. It has provided a dream lifestyle of both financial and time freedom to many people around the world who never would have achieved it by working a traditional job.

Top-notch training is readily available. The person who introduces you to the business has a financial interest in your success. The network marketing industry is based on teamwork and taking pleasure in seeing the next person have success.

Start-up costs are low.  MLM  is the one way people with limited finances and without previous business background can generate a substantial income working a very part-time schedule in a business of their own.

By combining the right training and marketing system with diligent effort, new networkers can create income quickly and build long-term residual income, too.

Yes,  MLM  or network marketing is a viable alternative for job seekers.

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Source by Joe Barclay