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When I was first exposed to this industry, I was encouraged to pursue anything that moves, walk, breath or talk. And it was drilled in me that if you don’t talk to enough people, you won’t get to your all important dream lifestyle.

Three years, and my results were never consistent, a joke even. That was until I discovered a mentor, who shared the FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES, the real life FOUNDATION to MLM success.

There are four fundamental principles, and you NEED to master all four.

MLM Tip 1 – Lead Generation Techniques

You have to go beyond contacting your friends and family to join your business. Stalking people at the mall or even buying leads, are not necessary.

By learning lead generation skills, you would be able to generate targeted prospects to join your business. These are real people looking for opportunities, primed and ready to signup with you.

This principle starts with a value exchange. Leading with value, focus your efforts on providing solutions for people. STOP selling your opportunity.

Find out what their problems are, and give away what you know for FREE.

For instance, if you are selling wellness products, those in your target market are probably people with joint and muscle pains. And from your research, you found 10 ways to relief their pains by doing simple exercises.

That’s the VALUE I mean. If you could provide a free report for them, and in return you just need their name and emails, they’d be happy to exchange it with you.

MLM Tip 2 – Build Around a Cashflow Strategy

The biggest mistake any network marketer could do is to fund their MLM business from monthly paychecks or even worse, from their savings.

It is smarter to create a cashflow stream that comes in using other people’s money to cover your overhead expenses.

Having led your marketing efforts with value, and by providing solutions, you should also be able to generate some cashflow by recommending your leads to buy other people’s products. Again, you are pointing them to a direction of their interest, being in this case,a product.

This is done through Affiliate Marketing.

By being an affiliate, their purchase would give you a front end commission which solves your cashflow problems.

Doing this properly, this strategy could be powerful, for the win-win partnership both you and your prospects benefit from.

MLM Tip 3 – Personal Branding

People get attracted to people they KNOW and TRUST. With personal branding, what you want to portray is the value you can deliver. Being transparent and trustworthy, coupled with your values, could over time attract a following to you.

If you are concerned of what value you have to offer, take some time and evaluate yourself. At the very core, start with your expertise and build it as you go along. As long as you follow the principles of offering value, you will grow to become better with time.

MLM Tip 4 – Recruiting Mastery

This most important principle creates growth to your MLM empire. It is by being able to recruit consistently every month into your business.

What is important here is your leadership. There is no denying that leaders have followers.

Invest some time to develop yourself as a leader and become more valuable to your prospects. By applying it with the principles I shared, lead generation, cash flow strategy, and personal branding, you will gain recruiting mastery.

If you are able to lead your team to do the same, you would attract hoards of people to your business for the immense value you are able to project and deliver.

When you put other people’s success above yours, which is a prerequisite to MLM success, recruiting will become second nature.

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Source by Syazril Izmal