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One of the biggest challenges to owning a successful home business or MLM is balancing your time between your home business success, family and friends and taking care of you. Most of us are entrepreneurs and we spend a great deal of time generating leads, networking and social marketing in order to grow a successful home business. Saying that, you must realize there are only 24 hrs a day and a MLM owner must find a balance with demanding business requirements, family life and relationships and taking care of you.

Prioritizing and Sticking To It:

Family always comes first before the MLM home business, that’s precisely why you chose to have an affiliate business….to spend more time with your family and be your own boss. But there is the rub, if you are choosing the network marketing lifestyle, you must commit a certain number of hours to your MLM business to achieve financial success. You clearly need to have a time management plan that allocates time for building your home business, time to spend with family and time for you to enjoy life.

Working from home gives you the control and offers more flexibility in your daily schedule. Identify for you what hours of the day you can be more productive for your MLM home business. You might find that working certain hours in the morning, afternoon or evening are better for you then other hours. You might choose to work more hours on the MLM in the morning while your kids are in school and fewer hours in the afternoon when they have returned home. As always leave a little wiggle room in case of emergencies that crop up at the most inconvenient times.

Communication is Essential:

Communicate with your family members, help them understand why you have chosen to work a home business vs. a 9 to 5 traditional job. Let them know that although you are physically at home, boundaries need to be enforced to avoid interruptions that can minimize productivity in growing the MLM business. Network marketing or affiliate marketing is a full time job, never forget that. I think you will find that children understand more than most of us realize once they understand the rules.

If your spouse works out of the home, put your heads together to devise a plan that works well for both your home business and family schedule. Splitting family responsibilities will allow less stress and more harmony within your day-to-day life. Spousal support for the MLM home business is extremely important in keeping and maintaining the balance.

When It’s Family Time — It’s Family Time:

You must be responsible when it comes time to stop working the home business. “In just a minute” usually leads to a few more hours and disappointment from your family. Time with your family is just as important as your home business. You need this time to talk with your spouse and kids and to engage in their daily activities. With a growing family you need to be flexible. Children need two parents to guide their growth, maturity and character. You are a parent and spouse — never forget that.

I Need A Little TLC!

There will be times that you are going to need a break from the network marketing business, the family pressures and everything in between. The MLM home business and relationships can become overwhelming and leave your head spinning. While your spouse is at work and the kids are in school, take a break! I recommend including exercise on most days of the week even if it is a quick walk around the block. Plan breaks…just like you would in a corporate environment. Go get a soda or coffee and head out to the backyard and just rest and reflect in a quiet place! Sometimes we are so busy “doing” we forget about what are the most important or productive things to accomplish. Listen to music or watch a favorite TV show. This action is called “clearing your head” so you can gain new focus. Your mental and physical health is critically important to be successful in a MLM home business.

Once again, you are the boss, you control your time and set the priorities of your life. I recommend that you take one day off during the week, and have fun. Find something you love to do like golfing, fishing, shopping or spending time with friends. Get out of the house and do something that is relaxing and fun to rejuvenate your energy and increase your productivity in your MLM efforts.

Enjoy Your New Life:

Once you have fine-tuned the balance between family, MLM work and you….the benefits of owning and operating your home business will be realized. Whether you are building your MLM or increasing your affiliate marketing plan, working from home will allow you to experience the joy only your family can give and the opportunity to achieve financial security with your home business on your terms.

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Source by Cassie Findley