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I have a personal assistant who closes all my sales. His name is John Paxson. John has been a ‘closer’ for both little-hitters and heavy-hitters over the years. After one week of working with my prospects, he said, ‘Mark, when I talk with prospects from other people, I feel like I’m talking to people living in the ghettos. But, when I talk to your prospects, it’s like I’m talking to people living on Park Avenue. Your people never say they don’t have the money. Money is never an issue with your people.’

What John discovered is that I only (only, only) market to people who have money. Why? Because, like other high ticket programs, mine requires a $3000 purchase upfront, plus a recommended $2000 more for marketing over the first 60-90 days. What good would it be to spend even a single penny of marketing energy toward people who cannot, and will not, be able to afford $5000?

So the question quickly becomes: how do we find these ‘wealthy, affluent, educated, entrepreneurial’ people? Very simple: you attract them through specific marketing methodologies. Below are two proven techniques that I, and other top marketers, have used to secure prosperous people onto our teams.

#1- Realize that all your ad copy (the words you use in your marketing) acts like a magnet. I had a 22 year old call me the other day from another travel company, he said, ‘Mark, I get a ton of leads opting into my website, but NOBODY has any money.’ I said, ‘Read to me the first couple sentences on your website.’ He pulls up his site and says, ‘Are you sick and tired of living paycheck to paycheck?’ I said, ‘Kid, the only people who are going to opt into your website are tired and sick people who live paycheck to paycheck.’ Compare that to the article you are reading right now (which, by the way, is nothing more than ‘ad copy’ and marketing). In the title, I use the phrase ‘Affluent Professionals’, which automatically attracts wealthy people with good self-esteem and simultaneously repels the type of person who is intimated by the word ‘affluent.’

Next, notice that in my introduction I state explicitly, on two different occasions, that success in a high ticket program requires at least $1000. Then, a couple paragraphs later, I state that it costs about $5000 to realistically position yourself for success. Thus, I have intentionally and methodically placed magnets throughout this article to attract the people who have that kind of money, and repel the people who cannot join anyway. Again, the first rule of marketing to the affluent is understanding that the words you use in your copy are magnets (for better or worse).

#2- Realize that smart, savvy people are smart, and savvy. Read that sentence again (a couple times if you want). Educated, smart, savvy people turn icy-cold when they encounter hype. Many internet marketers use scantily-clad women draped over Lamborghini’s to excite the type of person who gets excited about scantily-clad women draped over Lamborghini’s. But worldly-wise, sharp entrepreneurs don’t care about that stuff. They want relevant data to assist them in making a decision based on facts and potential, not low-rider magazine clip-outs with dollar bills dropping from the sky. Thus, your whole approach to attracting smart, wealthy people is to simply present your business to them in a manner consistent with the real world, not get-rich-quick magazines.

To close, almost all marketing ideas that are popular in the home business industry are popularized by the 98% of people who fail. Take these two simple hints mentioned above, and join the top 2% of all earners in this industry. There is a largely untapped market of affluent professionals who are eager to leverage the payplan and lifestyle that your company provides. You deserve to have them join your team.

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Source by Mark Hoverson