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If you haven’t figure it out yet, learning how to recruit in your  MLM  business is the key to your success. You can make money and build your business through retail sales of your products, but unless you are actively recruiting and growing your business, your momentum will disappear, and so will your check.

But, too many times new  MLM  business people are not getting the right kind of support and training from their upline team and maybe even their company.

In a lot of companies, new reps are told that you just have to find a few people yourself and then start helping them build their teams. Although you do want to help people build their teams, I’m of the opinion that you don’t need to do this starting out.

When you first get started in your network marketing business, your one goal should be to recruit as many people as you possible can personally. If you’re going to become a full-time network marketer, you’ve got to produce the numbers yourself and not rely on the work of others at the beginning.

When you’re really focused on recruiting, you will get some good people into your business that will start growing their own teams without you having to do a lot of hand-holding to get them on their way.

The problem that a lot of network marketers have is that they believe that they have to go out and find those few “superstars” that will explode their business and simply ignore everyone else.

If you’re doing this, you’re asking for trouble and you’ll be getting some small checks for a long time.

Industry legend Mark Yarnell stated that you need to expose 30 people every day to your business if you want to create a six-figure income in your network marketing business.

If you’re searching for the “superstar”, you’re not going to be able to talk to 30 people a day, probably not even 30 people a month. The superstar marketers are few and far between, but you will find them if you are actively recruiting and building your downline.

So, what do you do to increase your downline? Simple. You recruit.

You don’t prejudge anyone, because you have no idea which people will be the superstars and which ones will join your business and then never recruit anyone. And sometimes the people that you think will be the absolute best will be the people that you never hear from again once they join up.

When you’re getting started in your network marketing business and looking to increase your downline, you just have to go out and recruit. Once you’ve been able to create a full-time income from your own work, then you can start helping other people build their business to a full-time income and watch your own checks grow exponentially.

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Source by Michael Paul Jr