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Beauty unfolds itself in the most simplest manner in the most sophisticated stone images in Khajuraho, a historic village in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Overflowing with architectural beauty, North India takes immense pride in its tourist attractions like Khajuraho. It is a World Heritage Site dotted with the largest group of medieval Hindu and Jain temples that are known for their erotic sculptures. These sculptures are carved flawlessly outside the temples. In fact, the erotic sculptures are the expressions of the human inner feelings.

There are different perceptions linked with the sculptures. One of the beliefs goes that one must leave his/her sexual desire before entering the temple. According to another perception God is pure like atma (soul), which is not affected by sexual desires and other physical characteristics.

The history of this culturally rich destination goes back to the period between 9th to 12th century. Creativity seems to be present in every facet of this land, especially the temples, which are divided into two groups- the Western group and Eastern group.

Some Of The Must-See Temples In Khajurah Are:

* The temple of Devi Jagdamba-one of the most erotic temples.

* The Temple of Vishvanath and Nandi-known for beautiful women images.

* The Chaunsat Yogini Temple-the oldest surviving temple in the village

* The temple of Parsvanath-the largest Jain temple in this region

* The temple of Shantinath-the youngest temple in the village

* The temple of Brahma and Hanuman-one of the oldest temples in the village

The description of Khajuraho is incomplete without the mention of the romantic Dance Festival held annually in the month of February/March. It stretches for around seven days and the focus is on the wonderful classical dances of India such as Kathak, Bharathanatyam, Odissi, Kuchipudi, Manipuri and Kathakali. Celebrating Indian arts, the festival draws many a tourist from across the world.


You can go on a shopping spree in Khajuraho as its handicrafts, hand looms and miniature stone-carved replicas of the erotic sculptures are famed the world over.

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Source by Manish Kr Sinha