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Promoting a Big Ticket Item is by far the most efficient way to earn a full-time income online.

The key to this strategy is promoting a top tier product within a direct sales business model. Instead of low-priced high volume   MLM , where you’re hawking some lotion or potion or magic juice – you promote a high-end high quality service that has stand-alone value.

Top tier direct sales means a high commission paid out immediately. The concept is called GPT which stands for: “Get Paid Today” and the premise is simple: For every sale you make you earn a large commission up front on Day One.

If you’re in this industry or considering getting started, you’re here to make money, right?

We all have different reasons, but maybe you want more time to spend with your family. Maybe you want to travel to exotic places and see the world. Maybe you just want more freedom in your lifestyle to enjoy your hobbies and just have a good time.

But no matter what your motivation money is the vehicle that will get you where you want to go.

By promoting a big ticket item in your business, you can make more money with fewer sales and build your business faster than any other business model.

Now, in the old days, you could work 3-5 years to build an organization and if you did a good job you could enjoy passive residual income. But in the internet age that model is all but dead. There’s too much competition. Too much information. Shorter attention spans. And a much higher attrition rate.

In other words, the game has changed.

But most Network Marketers haven’t caught on yet, and it’s literally crippling their business. Which is why 97% of Network Marketers fail.

Many people operate from a scarcity mindset, and they have trouble embracing the concept of GPT. It’s why there’s always a massive crowd of people all marketing low-priced MLMs and competing against each other for the same customer base and the same ad space with very little profit margin.

Which leaves the road free and clear for smart marketers to step up and make big money marketing high end products to targeted niches where there’s much less competition and a much greater profit.

As an affiliate with Global Resorts Network you get the best of both worlds: high-end up-front commission plus passive residual income from the efforts of your team.

What makes the Global Resorts Network business so powerful is the leveraged compensation plan. As an affiliate for Global Resorts Inc, you are the major determining factor in your own success, and you only have to rely on yourself and a small core group that you can train to duplicate your methods.

The way this is set up, you have a huge incentive to choose the right people to work with, and really provide top caliber training and mentoring to your team. On top of being very lucrative, it also fosters a true community of real teamwork and total transparency.

Another major advantage with Global Resorts Network is that you’re in total control of your own destiny. You can earn a significant income without having to build an  MLM  army and depend on hundreds or thousands of other people for your financial success.

Global Resorts Inc is a real company with actual corporate offices, real officers, and real employees. The product has stand-alone real world value and is backed by the integrity of a proven company with an impeccable track record spanning more than 2 decades.

So if you’re committed to earning a significant income online and ready to step up to the next level, promoting Global Resorts Network – a Big Ticket Item with a top tier direct sales model – can provide you with a vehicle to earn a legitimate full-time income.

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Source by Will Schwartz