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If you’re in or have been in a network marketing company, than I’m sure you are all too familiar with the post sign-up purchases that your upline urges you to make in order for you to succeed. These items may include:


– Flyers and magazines

– Free Samples

– Tickets for large events or rallies and…

– Motivational books and CD’s


So why exactly do Network Marketing companies urge their reps to purchase and continue to purchase these items on auto-ship, listen to the motivational products over and over again, or attend all international mega-events? These additional products that your upline claims will “help you grow your business” are in fact how a majority of companies produce most of their income. Not all Network Marketing companies operate in this fashion, but many do. When a company is endorsed by a major celebrity or featured in a popular magazine, than you can bet that Networking Company is getting a slice of the revenue pie.


When a Networking company is urging you to purchase motivational books and CD packages, and to study the material repeatedly, they are essentially forming a habit and dependency in the mind of the representative to actually feel as though they need these products in order to succeed (which is absolutely not true). In Turn, the rep will then urge their downline that they must make the same purchases in order to succeed. Over time, these purchases end up costing each rep thousands of dollars out of their own pocket that they might see a very minimal return on while lining the pockets of top earners.


Many of the top 1% earners in an   MLM  company actually own and operate a separate marketing business or have created an informational product on the side to help fund their lavish  lifestyle . At every business opportunity meeting, there are images of yachts, mansions, planes, and sports cars that top earners are seen enjoying but when the curtain is pulled back, these luxuries may not all be thanks to their business opportunity.


Top Network Marketing earners who are speaking at the huge “Ra Ra” events that every company holds are paid top dollar for their personal testimonial. When you break down the numbers, if there are 30,000 people in a stadium and they spend $100 each on a ticket, than in one weekend the company is raking in 3 million dollars directly out of the wallets of their reps.


I would not necessarily say that companies are lying to their reps, but I would say that they are not painting a picture of the full truth. Be a critical thinker and question what seems too good to be true. Success takes a lot of hard work, time spent, and education.

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Source by Dineen Jogola