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The Matrix trilogy movie was such a hit back in the early 2000s. There was a scene where Naobi, Ghost, Morpheus, Trinity and Neo gathered in a room in a subway station, for a meeting for those who know the truth about the Matrix. They were standing in the room, but actually they are just visual representations of themselves, interacting in cyberspace. Many of us back then thought that idea was very far fetched. Well that idea is not exactly that far fetched anymore.

The online community has grown into one big family and so does it include the online learning community. The dawn of cyberspace is gradually taking over and with the fast marching of technology the education system has no choice but joined the march. The birth of elearning has set a new playing field in the education system. In this Technology Enhanced Learning, students can now skip buying notepads or new trendy clothes to show off in schools. No more riding in the school bus, or getting caught by the principal while running in the corridors to avoid getting late, in short: no more old school style. The online learning school room is now open for anyone who can log on. Trainees and learners can now log on the virtual classroom and have a virtual meeting, Matrix style.

The Elearning Network has grown enormously in the past year. In this online learning network all people from all walks of life get the chance to get in touch with their fellow learners in the virtual classroom. Students, training employees, supervisors, instructors are few of the people who are in the online learning network system. There are education courses that are held within a 4-week schedule and there are also instructors led training where students or trainees attend a particular lesson meeting in cyberspace for a one shot learning session. This is why universities and colleges have integrated this innovation in their traditional system to spread their education module beyond the halls of their school, reaching students across the globe.

Corporate companies also resort to E-Learning, where employers choose IT solutions to manage their company’s needs from training employees to managing the performance of their existing staff. Training employees is handled by a single overall instructor. The instructor then gives activities to improve the attending employees’ skills. These trainees of the corporate companies are also part of the online learning network.

The members of online learning system, unlike the characters in Matrix, meet not only in cyberspace. The online learning community also sets events to discuss upcoming innovations and new platforms and approaches available to support various aspects of learning and development. They set dates and venues for meet-and-greet events. In these events, users get to meet their fellow learners face-to-face and personally interact with them, discussing about new learning management and authoring tools, software applications etc.

The elearning network has grown into a very large online family and as time passes, more and more students, trainees and learners will be joining the new learning system. More virtual classrooms will be set to cater to students who seek a new way of learning aside from listening to blackboard-and-chalk lectures in a cramp classroom. Technology has given us a new medium in learning and it is through elearning.

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Source by Don Robert