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This is a simple article/guide to assist those who have an interest in knowing how to become an entrepreneur.

First of all let us find out what an Entrepreneur is.

The Merriam-Webster describe an Entrepreneur as a “organizer or promoter of an enterprise”

They also describe an Enterprise as “an undertaking, business organization, initiative”

Further more at i found this:

1828, reborrowing of Fr. entrepreneur “one who undertakes or manages,” from O.Fr. entreprendre “undertake.” The word first crossed the Channel late 15c.

Right so at this stage we know that the word Entrepreneur came from the old French word Entreprendre which means to undertake or basically to start a business of some sort.

This is where the fun begins. I have always been under the impression that an entrepreneur is a businessman that hardly invest his own money and hardly performs any physically work towards the enterprise.

Now that we have established all this, where do we start. The internet of course; it is the best thing that ever happened to entrepreneurs, everything that one needs is readily available at virtually no cost; like all types of businesses you need to a product or service, this is the crucial point of you enterprise (most people will procrastinate here for ever) you and you alone will have to decide what your enterprise is about (go online and do your homework) Once you have established your product/service the next step is to market it.

Again, the internet offers you a variety of tools and information. (be careful here not waste your time overloading your brain with marketing schemes) you need to have some assurance, but remember that even top professionals in the industry do not have 100% guarantee; in your case as a young entrepreneur, it will be more of a trial and error marketing program. Do not be afraid, big companies in the top 500 have started this way.

Free seminars are the best source for an entrepreneur, you the ones that you never asked to take part in them but, somehow you have received a letter or email to attend a chance of a life time where the tickets are $100 to $250 but in your case they are free. I recommend that you all should attend them (I’m not saying to go in and buy what ever they are selling “because they are selling something, i promise you” if you do buy a book or subscribe to a newsletter, it is your sole choice) by attending these seminars you are not only broadening your horizons but, networking as well, take the opportunity to make new friends, get, share, ask for ideas, you will be totally amazed to see what can come out of these seminars.

Furthermore the people that are running these seminars also benefits from your presence. You have just added another bum to a seat, thus raising the attendance and by making friends with other attendees you have just relaxed them as well; in brief it is a Win Win situation for all.

It all comes down to knowing what you will sell:

Are you selling a service or a product, maybe both. In any case the more information you have on how to promote yourself the better your chances are. this can be done and should be done via internet with free softwares, sites, blogs, etc…. As you progress and get more confident with your enterprise you can start pouring money into it (if you ever get to that stage, do not worry you will have the cash to do it).

So I mentioned that this is a simple guide/article to become an Entrepreneur, here are your steps:

1) Do your homework, discover what type of business you want to create.

This should be done on the internet and by attending free seminars.

2) Find out how you are going to market you product or service.

Again online, also check how your competitors are marketing, chances are they could be on a winner.

3) Sales & delivery.

The best way to sell your product/service is by getting a free ecommerce program and create a pay-pal account at it is still the safest and most acceptable way. As for delivery, check with the local post office first before you go to a courier company.

4) Do it again with another product/service,you are writing/creating your own path to success.

They say that the hardest part is making your first million.

Well that is pretty much it for now, I believe that i have placed you in the right path to start searching how you will become successful (success is not always about money) .

Have fun and do not expect to be a millionaire over night (those Dot Com days are over, and will not come back).

I can not stress enough how important it is to search, research, understand and then do it all over again.

No one will create a profitable business for you (unless you pay them, and you really have to make sure it’s profitable because they got paid, they are happy).

The only difference in an Entrepreneur and a every day businessman & business owner is the the later came with the money upfront and most likely put up his house as well, while an entrepreneur works either with other people’s money or with little start up capital.

Either way the hard work has to done.

I am in the process of writing an eBook on building an online business but, as i mentioned before buy it if you want to and can afford it, there is nothing worse than spending money when you can not do so ” and we all have been there.”

Use the internet as much as you can – it is all FREE!

I hope that I have shared some light into becoming an Entrepreneur!

Good Luck to all!

PS: let me know your progress, I read and answer all my emails.

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Source by Yvens Ferraz De Camargo