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One of the most economically progressive regions in Southeast Asia, a majority of people regard Taiwan mainly as an industrial and technological center. This independent province of China, however, is teeming with rich cultural heritage and various natural wonders that make it a memorable travel spot in Asia. Its natural attractions, colorful festivals, local cuisine, shopping destinations, as well as the availability of good accommodations and transportation services make traveling in the area both fun and hassle-free. Generally speaking, Taiwan’s strengths as a travel destination lie mainly with the following:

Rich History

Taiwan boasts of a history that spans thousands of years, leaving behind a great cultural heritage both for the place and its people. Hundreds of years of Dutch and Portuguese colonization has also left a tangible influence as seen in the resulting mix of western and eastern cultures. On the other hand, common ancestry with the Chinese can also be observed, since Taiwan is related to Mainland China. Its history can be best experienced through its different museums, which boasts of artifacts that dates back to centuries.

The People’s Hospitality

It is said that the locals of an area count among the main factors that make traveling fun and enjoyable. In this regard, Taiwan’s people are generally accommodating and hospitable, regarding tourists with kindness as one of their own. The population is mainly Chinese by ancestry mixed with the Japanese in the minority. Immigrants from such countries as the Philippines and Indonesia can also be seen, and they are all living in an impeccable harmony with each other, making the place a safe and good choice when it comes to traveling.

Various Attractions

As a testament to its rich natural wonders and vibrant tourist spots, Taiwan boasts of different form attractions in the form of National Parks, National Scenic Areas, National Forest Recreation Areas, Recreation Farms, Hot Spots, Tourism towns, and even Factory Tours. More specifically, Taiwan is naturally gifted with beautiful mountain peaks towering up to 3,000 meters in height. The Yu Mountain (Yushan) measures 4,000 meters in height. Stunning coastal scenes also form part of the natural landscape. On the other hand, the unforgettable Sun Moon Lake is an incomparable natural wonder in the center of the island.

Plethora of Colorful Festivals

Taiwan is among those few places in the whole world that characterizes itself with year-round festivals. This makes a visit to this island any time of the year equally filled with activities and thus, fun and memorable. Travelers have the opportunity of participating in these colorful and splendid events any month of the year they visit. Among these festivals, the most famous include the Chinese New Year, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ching Min Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival.

Temperate Climate

Mainly because of its natural assets in the form of tall mountains complemented with beautiful seashores, Taiwan enjoys a temperate climate, making the area neither warm nor too cold. This particular characteristic makes it more fun to visit the island and enjoy all sorts of available activities.

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