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Ok, we’ve heard it all before. “Join now and we’ll build it for you”, or “Join our downline building club and you’ll get rich”. In fact, I receive several emails per day promising some variation of these statements. I’m sure you’ve seen them too. Let’s be completely honest. I’ve even fallen for several of these lies and scams myself, and you guessed it, not one of them made me rich.

I’ll agree, an automated system would be great, but the truth is that it will never provide a long-term successful income. You see, people want to work with people, not web sites or emails, and with a failure rate of nearly 98%, there’s no debate that something is not working as promised. The question is what portion of the  MLM  Prospecting System needs to be overhauled and stream lined.

The answer is All of It!

Let me explain. You’ve probably been told to write down a list of your family and friends, order an affiliate web site, send out thousands of emails, or even waste money sending packages of flyers, booklets, audios or videos.

Don’t feel bad, I’ve tried it too, and all I accomplished by doing this was putting myself into deeper credit card debt, while my  MLM  Company made out like bandits by selling everyone marketing materials. The truth hurts, but there it is. Now, what can the average person do to turn this situation into a profitable venture?

The first step is to think outside the box and be prepared to grow as a person, develop your skills, and commit yourself to success. Now, what makes a powerful  MLM  Prospecting System work?

Before I disappoint you, let me just say that the most successful people in the  MLM  industry utilize a very simple system to build their businesses. It’s not about the Internet, computers, or guru marketing tactics. It’s much more simple than that. There’s no magic bullet or super secret marketing tactic.

In a nutshell, your  MLM  Prospecting System should be built on a foundation of relationships. Web sites and emails cannot build relationships.

There are basically 5 elements to a strong  MLM  Prospecting System.

1. Lead Generation

2. Personal Contact

3. Presentation

4. Training

5. Mastermind Team Building

I will be detailing each of these topics in future articles, however, I want to briefly go over the basics of each element right now.

Lead generation is the basis for any  MLM  Prospecting System. You may have the knowledge to generate your own leads, or you can delegate this task to a reputable lead generator. You see, the one thing that successful people understand is the concept of delegating tasks. Find someone who is good at something and put them to work. It’s a win win situation.

Now, you have a lead generator that is producing hundreds, or even thousands of target market leads. What now? Simple, you personally invite them to evaluate your product or opportunity. Don’t waste your leads by sending them a generic email that they delete. Build the relationship with them and make a friend. This is not as difficult as it might seem. Always keep in mind that it should be based on their needs and not yours. If they honestly feel that you’re there to help them they will be much more receptive. People are much more attracted to a teacher than a salesman.

The presentation is where most systems fall apart. Remember, automated presentation systems do nothing when it comes to building a relationship. People not only want to hear about the company, product, and pay plan, but more importantly they need to know that they can succeed and they need to see that you have a simple, effective system in place that will help them. The key however, is not presenting to prospects one on one. The leaders are presenting to literally hundreds of people per day via a simple tool called the conference line. There is a certain skill and technique to be mastered here, but this is how large numbers are created in any  MLM  business.

Training is perhaps the easiest part of the  MLM  Prospecting system. Your goal is not to train everyone, in every aspect of the business. Keep in mind; the average person will never be a salesman or public speaker. So don’t teach them to do that. Most people are comfortable with working a job, so give them a job. Simply train them to contact your prospect list and set appointments for your “LIVE” presentation. This way they only need to learn this one skill to build a successful business. Just imagine, how fast would your downline grow if you had 100 people each inviting 2 people per day to your conference call presentation. That is how you create exponential growth. Anyone can be an appointment setter, but very few will ever master sales or public speaking, so use this to your advantage.

Finally, develop a Mastermind team. This is simply a group of 2 or more people with a common mindset. There is power in numbers and when you develop a strong Mastermind group your business will explode. Brainstorming with your team will result in a more streamlined  MLM  Prospecting System. Remember, you cannot do everything yourself, but as a team, you can accomplish anything.

In short, a successful  MLM  Prospecting System will never be based on computers or the internet. It will be based on YOU, and your ability to establish relationships, present your opportunity to large numbers, delegate simple tasks to your downline, and establish a Mastermind team effort.

The truth is that the most successful marketers in the world have been doing this for years, but they’re not teaching others how to do it for themselves. Once you start thinking like a leader, you’ll start generating the income of a leader.

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Source by Troy Berlin