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Owning your own successful online blueprint to a fool proof marketing plan or strategy is a step in the right direction it will be one of your major keys to your success. Without a solid, well laid out blueprint, that has a step by step plan, you can bet your last nickel, you’re going to end up like the preverbal dog chasing its tail, always coming close but never getting the prize.

When I first started, I went through the Internet maze. I was like ship without a sail, I was moving, but not very fast. I figured if I joined a good business, I could learn from my sponsor. Well, come to find out my sponsor was just as new and raw to Internet marketing as I was. So, it’s very important who you partner with in a business, if you partner up with someone that is struggling to learn marketing like you, then where does that leave you?

One of the biggest come-ons in network marketing is the promise of SPILLOVER, “if you join me and my group all you have to is wait for the massive spillover and we will build a huge down line right under you.” Well, I heard that more than once. Listen up! If you are ever told that by some that is trying to get you to partner up with them, go the other way, if they rely on spillover, that means they have no marketing skills of their own. Do not invest your money with them!

When I first joined an online business, I was ecstatic, I thought all I had to do is get replicated website from the company and I was on my way to making thousands a month, OK, you guessed it, I was a newbie from the word go. I did pick on the niche market I liked, which is the health and wellness business, because I try to live a healthy lifestyle.

One huge decision you will be making is, deciding on the niche market that you want to build a business with. Once you have chose your niche market, then it’s time to investigate the companies that offer that niche market of your choice. The criteria for your choice of company should be as follow. 1. A company that been established for at least five years. 2. A company that has a worldwide distribution network. 3. A pay plan that pays out at minimum of 70% back to its members. 4. A company structured with a forced matrix. 5. A company that allows you to re-enter another matrix. 6. A company that has a good marketing plan to start with and tools for marketing, this helps you until you can put together your own marketing strategies.

Nearly all home based opportunities and affiliate marketing companies will offer a turnkey or self-replicating website, along with an email address and many other marketing tools when you join their program. Many of these marketing tools will consist of auto responding messages, banner ads and more, all there for the members to use, and generally located in your back office. This concludes part one. More to come on your “Successful Online Marketing, Your blueprint To Success.”

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Source by Dan E. Atkins