Brittney Miles, owner and artist at Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado is serious about her art. When asked about what she enjoys most about working in the industry, her response is that she loves to see people wear her work. Her and her team of professional artists put their heart into every design, not only creating high quality tattoos at fair prices, but beautifying the community with their passionate and creative skin paintings.



1979538_10152338217276354_1192603177_nThe team of artists at Tortured Souls Tattoo has everything covered. From Realistic Portraits to Pin ups, Japanese style, Traditional and much more, they can do it for you. In addition to Brittney, there is Senior Artist Rob Salazar, who specializes in Portraits, Realism, Black and Grey, New School, Traditional and Neo-traditional. Artist Jamos is also multi-talented and works full-time at the shop.


Brittney has a real passion for art, which she is nurturing in her community and in her own two children. After a few years in art school, Brittney participated in a three year apprenticeship with Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado. She then decided to partner up with an investor, who later left, leaving her as the sole owner of the shop. Since then she has worked to maintain a shop with an impeccable reputation for cleanliness and safety, while encouraging a fun, friendly, and upbeat environment. She admits that she encountered a bit of a stigma at first, being a female in the industry. But now she says that she is even busier than most of the guys in town.


A big part of Brittney’s work includes a variety of activities outside of the shop, itself. She has booths at numerous fairs and conventions, as well as being the host of the Biker Bash. She also works with the March of Dimes, has sponsored a local baseball team, and has helped others in the community achieve their dreams. Tortured Souls Tattoo is not just a tattoo shop; it is a caring member of a larger community.


Want custom work done? This is the perfect place for you! The artists at Tortured Souls Tattoo in Pueblo, Colorado are custom tattoo experts, specializing in realism and vivid, elaborate color pieces that are done by top-notch, professional artists in a fun and friendly atmosphere. And don’t let a bad tattoo torture you. The professionals at Tortured Souls Tattoo also offer the highest quality tattoo removal and cover up services around. Whatever your tattoo needs, they’ve got you covered. Don’t let a bad tattoo experience scar you. Be sure to leave a review for  Tortured Souls Tattoo, and check out their Member Profile.


Images courtesy Deetslist