Before dromma bed released in 2016, I thought Leesa and Casper are the best online mattress. When I first seen the dromma bed review from Get best mattress, I didn’t meant to go there, it is just an accident, I was shocked, I never though there are so awesome mattress on the market.

This is a hybrid mattress with natural latex+ memory foam, compare with other online mattress who is only 10 inches high, dromma bed is 12 inches.

And more important, they give me 200 nights free trial and 12 years full warranty, that means if I don’t like it, I can return is for free within this period. This is risk free choice.

So I just ordered from official site and put it in my bedroom, the dromma bed sleeps very comfortable, it contour around my body, with the feeling of push back. I never wake up in the midnight after sleep on it.

Best bed ever!