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Some people consider retirement as an end to their money inflow and their career. They do not realize that there are ways and means to earn extra income after retirement. Though the retirement age is 65, there are people who retire in their early 60s or earlier or even work until late 60s or later. Life after retirement is supposed to be stress free but it may turn out to be stressful for many for fear of financial insufficiency. Depending upon your personal situation, you can decide whether you want to be employed full time or part time.

The Internet

There are many easy ways to earn an extra income after retirement. The internet is quite an interesting option that has created a stable income for the senior citizens so much that there are some who have gone on to even become millionaires. So long as there is internet access and reasonable knowledge to work on the computer, anyone can make money online. Working from home is both convenient and rewarding. It helps in supplementing the retirement income. Although there are legitimate business opportunities, you should also be aware of online fraudulent activities.

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Real estate investment

You may have your own home but having another home or property is lucrative especially with the rental income you can receive month after month. This is one of the best long term investments and can be used to pay off any other debts or mortgage payments. Real estate is one investment where the value of your investment keeps appreciating.

Jobs after retirement

There are quite a few jobs you can indulge in to earn extra income after retirement. Jobs that you fancy can be taken up that facilitate both monetarily and emotionally. If you are an avid book reader, you can take up the job of a proof reader or if you are fond of pets, you can look at dog walking or pet sitting. Other jobs like MLM (Multi Level Marketing) or gardening or handmade toys and crafts, baking, door to door selling etc can also be taken up.

Stock trading

Retirement stock trading accounts like IRAs permit investors to purchase bonds, stocks, mutual funds, buildings or any other assets available for the purpose of investment. One of the benefits of the Individual Retirement Account is that you can get preferential tax treatment. This is important because tax is one of the largest expenses in the country.

Other options:

Starting your own business will not just give you extra income after retirement but also caters to your personal interest. You may want to start a catering business if you have an inclination towards cooking or take up teaching or become a computer consultant. You could also choose to become an accountant or book keeper or even a clothes designer if you have a keen sense of fashion.

There are a plethora of options available to earn that extra income after retirement and all it takes is some introspection to find out what is most suitable for you.

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