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If you were to ask someone in the industry: Do you want to excel in network marketing? You would naturally think that the answer would be a resounding yes.

Who wouldn’t right? You would think that anybody who gets involved in a network marketing opportunity would be committed to doing as well as the possibly can.

Yet many people come along to meetings with the mindset of giving it a try. You really should hunt through your bookshelves right now, find any dictionaries in your collection and strike through the word try. There is no try in network marketing or anywhere else for that matter, you set out to achieve something and you either succeed or learn one way not to achieve it.

You don’t go out to try and recruit someone. You go out looking professional, with a goal to stick at it until you have five new prospects to follow up with.

We all enter this business for one reason don’t we? Lifestyle!

It might be money, time & financial freedom, to be able to do what you want at a time that you choose, to be a stay at home Dad or to look after your aging parents without the stress of money worries, but at the end of the day it all boils down to lifestyle.

In network marketing, any other business or life in general, I believe that there are two essential requirements to achieve the lifestyle you desire, and they are so important that I named my team after them.

They are Education and Commitment. My team is Team Excel because I believe that Education X Commitment equals Lifestyle.

When I talk about education, sure you can learn about the nuts and bolts your company so that you can comfortably share the details with interested parties, but I’m talking more about educating your mindset, your belief system, your negative self talk, your philosophy, motivation, cold calling, presentation and closing skills, goal setting strategies etc.

It all boils down to personal development. By taking responsibility for your own personal development and making the commitment to be a little better each day than you were the day before, you will set yourself apart from 98% of those out there who talk a great network marketing game but don’t follow it up with the necessary actions, and we all know that actions speak louder than words.

The best network marketing leaders understand the law of leverage. Whether that’s leveraging your time, efforts or money, if you want to achieve the lifestyle that most only dream about, you have to stop swapping hours for dollars and start leveraging the efforts of many.

Next you have to be a great teacher so that your team can duplicate your efforts. Your team will follow your lead so if you aren’t doing the things that need to be done day in, day out, don’t expect your team to be out there making you rich.

When you combine education with commitment, it’s a powerful combination. When you throw in duplication, which in itself requires education and commitment, this is when things really take off. You could be the best recruiter in the company but if you are the only one recruiting like a champ, you’re set to addition and will never be as successful as the guy who works the system, has a fair success ratio but teaches his team how to duplicate his efforts. Now your set to multiplication which is far more powerful than addition because you are truly leveraging the efforts of many and this leads to residual income.

By commitment I mean by putting actions to the words, by developing the bulldog spirit that just won’t give up. You must understand that treating any network marketing opportunity like a hobby will mean that it pays you like a hobby and you have to do the little things each and every day that move you towards your target lifestyle. If your actions aren’t moving you in that direction, you’re wasting your time.

Commitment is the key to everything that is worth achieving. If you want to reap a rich harvest you must be out there every day sowing your seeds, not just when you feel like it, if the weather is OK but consistently, every single day.

It’s the small disciplines that are practiced every single day that make a huge difference over time.

Without commitment, you won’t continually bring new people in front of your opportunity and new people constantly coming into your business are the absolute lifeblood of that business, so commit to taking some action on a daily basis to put your business in front of new people.

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Source by Chris Harvey