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There is an exciting brand of network marketer in this New Internet Age rising from the basement and tunnels of old network marketing companies. The new networker employs a laser-focus single big idea that cuts through the clutter of everything that can divert the prospects’ attention. And the prospects for the first time in their mind can see an insatiable clear picture of embracing a new life on their terms of financial independence.

Gone, archived as experiences are the burdensome ways of Old Age  MLM  home business. Who needs multiple autoshipments, meticulously complicated pay plans, mandatory product knowledge and the frustratingly mad pursuit of other prospects not so ready to get overloaded with an unmanageable heavy-duty workhorse. A brand new core concept for network marketing has emerged that makes any other competition irrelevant because the issues have been resolved upfront and excuses have been removed. However, the 3 main principles of network marketing continue intact, powerful and productive; namely, the power of leverage, the duplication of a simple marketing plan and the benefits of a residual or royalty income.

The enlightened networker can now incorporate eight powerful steps to share an exciting different kind of home-based opportunity that is plugged into the internet’s future major trends.

Part One looks at the new defining features of future networkers and entrepreneurs. Part Two outlines a perfect home business program that fits this new reality.

Power Step One: Present Something Of New Value Not Heard Of Before. It is time to cut through the promotional clutter with an offering that stops people in their tracks. This is a new technology, a marketing breakthrough to get a desired result. Ultimately it has a new value that your prospects haven’t seen or been aware of before.

Power Step Two: Be the First to Present An Original Big Idea. Everyone likes to share a new secret or a hidden discovery that others don’t know about. It’s a form of social currency, feeling like you know some good news that others don’t know. It’s a first to market advantage and a better way of achieving your financial goals.

Power Step Three: Help Prospects Reach Their Goals. Ultimately, your core concept isn’t about your product or service. It’s about your prospects. It’s about making sure the home business program fits into their beliefs, feelings, and desires, and meets their needs to improve their lives.

Power Step Four: Make It A Bold And Striking Breakthrough. This is a major shift in thinking that does not support a mild interesting let-me-think-about-it viewpoint. Your prospects’ response should be, “What did you say? Please tell me more…Right now!” They already connect the benefits in their lives and just want to find out more.

Power Step Five: Be Supported by Proof. People want the testimonials of others who have achieved the results they also want. Most have heard the logical argument that depending on a boss for your lifestyle goals has problems. But they want reassuring stories of how people found self-employment or self-generated personal incomes. If they can do it, so can I.

Power Step Six: Be Easy to Explain, Simple To Do and Even Easier For Your Prospects To Get Excited About. The Big Idea needs to be stated in a sentence or two. Remember, everybody these days is overloaded and overwhelmed. So in order to break through the mental fog in your prospects’ minds, it’s got to feel to be easy and simple. In fact, your prospects should be able to easily restate your Big Idea in their own minds or words in a minute or two. That’ll only happen if it’s easy for them to grasp.

Power Step Seven: Abdicate from Previous Failures And Avoid Excuses. Make sure your prospects understand it wasn’t their fault for not succeeding in the past or getting stuck in a dead-end job. Traditional network marketing has been overly complicated and difficult for average people to duplicate in order to make residual profits. This new model is different and when done correctly with 3 steps, failures are minimized and successes are maximized.

Power Step Eight: Deliver Better, Faster, Cheaper Value to Prospects. The company, affiliation, service or product will give your prospects their desired result either better, faster, more cheaply, or with more certainty of success than any other alternative. This way, your product or service really becomes the default choice, and your prospects would need to be uninformed non-thinkers to miss out on what you’re offering.

PART TWO: So how does The Shopping Genie meet all these criteria for this New Network Marketing Powerhouse…let me add, with perfection and admiration.

Step 1: VALUE. Compare prices…save and shop online or offline…never pay full price again for anything.

Step 2: FIRST. My Shopping Genie is a four year old company…well established…top Alexa ranking…but still a relatively new enterprise.

Step 3: HELP. People want to spend less when possible in a tight economy. You get instant browsing on millions of sales, discounts, coupons and free offers. Who wants to throw their money away like into a garbage can or ever pay full price again?

Step 4: BOLD BENEFITS. Compare best deals in seconds…rides on top of major search engines…make Pay Per Click Income even without a team.

Step 5: TESTIMONIALS. Listen to shoppers who saved hundreds of dollars monthly and more. Why not your family? Also, hear about how much distributors are making and the extraordinary potential of getting paid nine ways.

Step 6: SIMPLE. The Business Plan has 3 Steps every one can do. Can you share a number, invite to a webinar, and do a live demo on the computer to show the kind of savings and earnings your prospects can make?

Step 7: NO EXCUSES. No cost to download and enjoy savings.Let marketing experts tell and sell the benefits. Keep it simple 3 Steps Plan.

Step 8: BETTER and FASTER. Who do you know wants to save money? Who do you know wants to make money…no need to change habits, subsidize training, or spend money up front to try it out.

In summary, My Shopping Genie is a recession proof, no-brainer home business for our modern times. The major trends are information distribution and online advertising, shopping and saving. You still may say “nay” but not because you failed to check out an important webinar. My sincere hope for you and your family is to register for the webinar today so you have the chance to learn about ALL the benefits of My Shopping Genie such as co-branding for small business owners and fund-raising for non-profit organizations.

The dawning of a new generation of networkers is a beautiful thing to behold and welcome, finally.

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Source by AnneMarie Berukoff