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No doubt you have all seen and heard about the get rich quick scheme in it’s various guises. The internet has made information about such scams readily available at the click of a button. As with any con, it has to reinvent itself to keep afloat, one of the ways the get rich quick con has reinvented itself is via snail mails inviting potential victims to attend a seminar where the words “get rich quick” are observably omitted due to the connotations the scammers are avid to avoid.

The scammer may have obtained the potential victims’ addresses from them signing up at a club or from a newsletter, regardless of how the victims’ contact details were obtained, the followup is always the same, the victim is bombarded with brochures telling them how they can make quick money without lifting a finger, how the system they are being sold is sure to work has never been seen before, the victim is spoken to and targeted as if they have been hand picked, when in fact this is a template mailing to several thousand potential victims.

It normally starts off with the lifestyle of the scammer, showing pictures of their yacht, home, latest Ferrari, and the millions of pounds they have earned, shown on a screen copy of their bank statement.

Of course it has variations of the MLM (Multi Level Matrix), Ponzi and HYIP (High Yield Investment Programme) where the only person who ever makes any money is the instigator of this scam. One of the variations of this scam is to get an invite to an exclusive or plush hotel, where the secrets to making millions will be revealed. Initially your suspicions might be allayed with confirmations that 100% of the money for the seminar will be given to charity. What actually happens is an all out attempt by the scammers and his colleagues to get the victim to buy their latest overpriced product, seminar or one on one private coaching to get the victim to their millionaire status, lasting sometimes over eight hours a day of constant bombardment, into buying into their latest product or venture. All glossed over with an effective emotional sales pitch aimed at pulling heart strings, targeted at vulnerable and desperate individuals, even going so far as to tell their hapless victims how to go about getting the credit cards that can enable them to pay for their overpriced and ridiculous seminars. There is no secret why the location chosen is usually a holiday resort, close to the beach, so the victims will be relaxed, and easily coaxed into handing over their hard earned cash.

It works because like all con artists the scammer understands human nature, which their copyrighting exploit to it’s fullest potential, the dream to be rich without doing anything, the hopes, and aspirations of every desperate, vulnerable and poor individual who thinks there is an easier way, and the fact that most of their victims are serial attendees, in denial that they have not bought into a lie, and the next genuine money making opportunity is just around the corner.

No tangible, verifiable working product is ever sold, and the victim is never told exactly how they made their millions, eventually after buying the umpteenth module, or attending the never ending seminar, the victim will realise the con is to string them along promising everything and delivering nothing, it is psychological manipulation at it’s basic level, aimed at targeting the greed and the belief money can be easily made in every ignorant individual, every so called guru or expert speaker’s sole purpose is to make the victim believe they can make money, easy money from the initial speaker whose job is to hypnotise the audience into loosening their wallets, to the consequent gurus aiming to get the audience to buy into their “never before seen greatest system on earth to make money” scheme, each “guest speaker” tries to out perform the previous with their positive thinking, like the chain letter scam, instead of sending a pound to one of the names, it is multiplied to the thousands for their worthless DVDs, brochures and seminars where nothing tangible is ever told just a repeated long yarn, to the extent that the hapless victim thinks that whatever phantom system they are being sold works, while the scammers laughs all the way to the bank.

In the event that a hapless victim does buy their so called products, they would find again nothing is revealed in any DVD or work book, and it begs the question as to what sort of person would divulge thousands for a DVD set and workbook?

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Source by Dan Stevens