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My father passed away when I was thirteen years old, I was the second oldest of five children; one being mentally challenged. My mother worked hard in a factory to support us, we never received any Federal Assistance. She didn’t have any extra to put away for a “College Fund” for us but, we all managed to receive a degree, some even two. We never had an over abundance of anything, I would say we were poor, but we never knew it, the love my mother had for us and her ability to make sure we had what we need was overwhelming.

She worked in that factory until they closed the doors; she didn’t have a big 401(k) awaiting her when she was without a job. In Southeastern North Carolina plant closings became the norm in, 1996, there were 2,153 textile and apparel plants in North Carolina employing 233,715 people. By 2006, only 1,282 plants with 80,232 workers remained, representing a 40 percent decline in the number of plants and a 65 percent decrease in employment. People found themselves out of work with mortgages, car payments and lack of money for the future.

I was like my mother and went to work in the public sector but, our stories soon became the same. I was climbing the ladder to success, happy in my job, at the age of 53; I planned to stay there until I retired. Little did I know that would not be the case. I went to work July 16, 2013 and was told my services would no longer be needed. Shocked and displaced, I decided at that time I would tack control of my financial stability.

I also became a single mother due to divorce, so over the years I had sublimated my income with various Multi Level Marketing jobs and understood the world of Multi Level Marketing. So, I set out on a quest to find out what was going on in the world of Internet Marketing; I planned to never go back to the public workforce again. The internet was full of people talking about earning money from their blog, I heard about blogs but didn’t really understand much about them. One day I came across Empower Network. Empower Network is an online networking company that sells internet marketing tools and training. Namely, a blogging platform and a line of digital products that teach people how to make money on the internet.

It’s every working person’s dream to retire from a job they either hate or love, sleep until they felt like getting up, travel to places they have only seen or read about in books, do whatever that want or don’t want to do. A MSN survey shows that more than half of the workers between the ages of 30 and 50 plan to retire before they’re 60.

There’s only one problem with this wishful thinking: The only sure retirement is the one you plan for yourself. Yes, it is possible to retire early but, relying on the company or corporation you work for does not ensure it will happen. Don’t put your future or the future of your family in some else’s hands, become financially independent, start planning when and how you will retire.

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Source by Beatrice Maynor