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5linx Review

If you’re scanning this 5linx review, you’re probably wondering if this is a good home business opportunity or not. Inside this short article, I will talk about the 5linx business and outline some things which you should be aware of before you make any commitment. Most people simply don’t know all the truths, that’s why they fail. This 5linx review will enlighten you.

***This is a 3rd party 5linx review. I’m not associated with this company which means you are getting a neutral viewpoint.

What is 5linx?

5linx is a direct selling company that provides a wide variety of telecommunication services & products. This company was co-founded back in 2001 by 3 gentlemen: Craig Jerabeck, Jason Guck, and Jeb Tyler. The company has existed for 10 years strong and doesn’t seem to slow down at all. The company’s headquarters are in Rochester, N. Y.. Their mission statement: aim to provide a unique marketing opportunity that allows folks to attain the quality lifestyle they’ve always strived for.

5Linx Products, Services & Compensation Plan

5linx offers some of the best telecommunication services and products available today. They provide services like: 5linx energy supply that gives cheaper energy bills than other competitive suppliers; A Business Elite toolkit that features text marketing service, computer tech support, web conferencing, and an exclusive VIP discount program; Globallinx Voip; TextAlertz for easy customer mobile communication; 5linx mobile phones and services; 5linx security systems for homes & businesses; ID guard protection against identify fraud; Satellite TV; High-Speed Internet Access; Video Phone services; Merchant Credit Card Processing Services.

5linx Review Continues

The 5linx compensation plan is fairly simple. You begin your very own business as a 5linx Independent Marketing Rep or IMR. You then find one person who wishes to also start their own business and become an IMR. You assist them to qualify by obtaining a minimum of 4 Customer Points or CPs. You’ll then be a 5linx trainer. If you enroll just 2 Qualified IMRs and get 20 CPs, you’ll then become an Executive Trainer. If you happen to accomplish that feat inside of your first 30 days, you’ll earn a $750 dollar bonus. The more and more your organization grows, the higher level of achievement you’ll reach, the greater walk away income you’ll make each month. However, let’s now discuss the reality of 5linx and the REAL reason you ought to take note of this 5linx review.

Why 95% Fail In This Business

If you’ve read this far into this 5linx review article, you’ve made it to probably the most informative section. Sadly, 95% of people who join this company FAILS. As easy as the compensation plan may seem, the majority of people will NEVER get those first 2 distributors and most reps will not make ANY money at all. The reason why is because they will just chase their family and friends and as soon as that list is empty, they won’t have anyone else to talk to, which means they’ll run out of leads.

However, the top 5% of people who succeed know how to get more leads and prospects to talk to. If you want to make cash and succeed in this business, you will need to learn how to market your business correctly and how to generate more leads. That’s what will separate you from all the others who fail.

5linx Review Conclusion

To conclude this 5linx review, I want to say that this company is extremely well organized and will also be around for a long time. They have some excellent products and a very lucrative comp plan. Sadly, most reps will NEVER achieve a full-time income, once they run out of leads or people to talk to, they won’t have any customers or reps and they’ll just quit. However,that doesn’t have to be you. If you simply learn how to market effectively and generate your own leads, you can literally write your own ticket to the top of this company.

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