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Do you ever seen some kind of advertisements like these before?

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These are all advertisements showing us on how to generate income by using their successful techniques. This technique called “copying a successor to be a successor”. They sell products that can be used by other people to gain same outcome like them.

If they use the proven technique and then they succeeded with it, they hope that the same result will be achieved to other people. They cut the long road become shorter, so that you don’t even have to think about it and facing same problem like them.

Referring to other people who are really succeeded in what ever they have done is a good way in building any of your future business. By this way, we can know what should we avoid from, what are the things that we should do most, which kind of method that we need to practice and we can minimize any obstacle that we will face if we do it by ourselves. But remember, some of them are too good to be true.Make your own study if you realize that something is not right with the techniques given.

There are some advantages in using others’ successful method rather than using our own unknown method:

1. We can cut the burden of the initial investment, time management and lack of ideas.

2. Some of the successful references came with step-by-step instruction. So, that you can copy their method right away after you get their product.

3. You don’t even have to blown your brain off just to think the way of implementing your ideas.

4. If you have chosen the right method to be done, you can suit it with your own idea. Maybe by doing this, your idea will be more effective than the original idea.

5. In arts and crafts, you can utilize your own skills and hobbies without to think on how to show it to the whole world.

In addition, copying someone’s successful method can be your first step to be a successor like them. In fact, many people around the world already used this kind of technique and the results are marvelous. Some of them became more successful than the one who they were copy from.

Building a business with arts and crafts also need same guidance like what I’ve mentioned before especially as an online businessman/woman. An artistic man not necessarily a computer savvy.They know about arts and crafts but few of them know how to use computer to introduce their skills. Unless, they are already known as computer expert. So, this is how guidance or reference became important to them.

For those who are intending to make use of the Internet as their platform to introduce their skills, you should consider to copy others’ established Internet businesses rather than you make it yourself and this is how you can cut some of the fussy things in building a website.

Search for a good reference and guidance to make sure your finding is not a wastage. A good reference will tell you not just 1 or 2 models to be copied from but more than that. As a result, you can choose the right model to be your first website.

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Source by Nik Nasruddin Nik Malek