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Bali is an exotic mixture of beaches, temples, arts, and nature. To get the most out of your visit, I highly recommend using Ubud as your home base during your stay. Here’s why:

Ubud is centrally located, making it easy to get to beaches, mountain destinations or any other town. It’s inexpensive to hire a driver to take you to any place on the island. Your hotel will recommend a reputable driver and make sure the price is understood before you leave.

Ubud itself is Bali’s cultural center. It has always been a magnet for artists, collectors, connoisseurs, writers, mystics and nature lovers. While it has become more sophisticated in recent decades, it remains unspoiled. Tourists flock to Ubud every year, yet the town never seems crowded. It’s not uncommon to spot celebrities walking down the streets of Ubud, as its appeal attracts people from all walks of life.

Ubud hosts a multitude of shopping markets chock full of beautifully handcrafted items from local craftsmen. Whether you’re searching for hand carved bowls or essential oils made from local flower fields, you’re sure to find something uniquely appealing. And Ubud has a dizzying array of handcrafted silver, gold and gemstone jewelry. It’s close to Celuk, the silver capital of Bali, so if a trip to some of the most famous silversmiths in the world suits you, just plan an outing!

The accommodations and culinary selections in Ubud are fantastic. A quick search on line will provide dozens of hotels and villas for you to investigate. Accommodations range from boutique hotels with simply decorated rooms using local arts, to luxuriously exotic 5 star hotels with incredible views of terraced rice fields and nearby mountains. Most hotels also offer spa services that are out of this world. Imagine having a relaxing massage in an open air (but private) treatment room surrounded by exotic flowers, plants and trees. No matter what your budget is, you are sure to find something with warm Balinese hospitality, appealing tropical settings and delicious food – on site or just a few steps away.

Within and surrounding Ubud, there are cultural destinations to keep you busy. Whether you are interested in ancient temples, museums or sacred nature reserves like Ubud’s famous Monkey Forest, you will be amazed at the depth of cultural, spiritual and natural inspiration at your fingertips. And, you can venture out a little for a memorable ride atop an elephant in the Balinese countryside (something I will never forget!).

If Bali is your next vacation destination, consider Ubud as your hub instead of one of the touristy beach areas. Unless you’re goal is to bake on a beach in the Balinese sun your entire vacation, Ubud will make your stay in Bali a memorable one.

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Source by Anne Larson