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Have you found yourself sick of searching the internet and getting the same tired answers for true ways to make money? Do you find something and try it out and it turns out to be just wrong or simply not working for you? Do you then go onto something new? Are you at the point that you just don’t care anymore if you have to work online or offline? You just want to work at something that works? 

With the recession in full force and your financial troubles increasing, it is hard not to worry over your credit card debt going up and up. Credit limits are being restricted as more and more people are actually paying their living expenses, such as food and electricity with their credit cards.

So let’s look at seven real and true ways to make money. These were discovered in forums, social media sights and yes, even the local market. They are ideas and things you can do in your everyday life to make money. So let’s get started.

Offline Opportunities

  1. House sit
  2. Dog sit
  3. Cat sit
  4. Old lady sit
  5. Disabled sit
  6. House plant care
  7. Marketing for hire
  8. Do lawns
  9. Pick crops
  10. Painting
  11. Clean garages
  12. Help people move
  13. Wash cars
  14. Shovel snow
  15. Rent out your driveway-
  16. Walk peoples dogs
  17. Animal astrology and psychology
  18. Animal massage
  19. Be a lab subject
  20. Donate blood
  21. Be the advertisement
  22. Ask for grant money
  23. Deliver food
  24. Start a barbeque trailer
  25. Take pictures and sell them to news and magazines
  26. Real estate companies need pictures of homes they are selling
  27. Pass out advertisements
  28. Create courses
  29. Create an authors research business
  30. Sell plot ideas
  31. Sell unique information
  32. Genealogy research
  33. Start a question and answer bureau for your local newspaper
  34. Catalogue peoples books
  35. Maintain an important date file for people
  36. Teach card games to locals
  37. Start a social club and charge dues
  38. Create a college blue book, get advertisers and sell it to frats and sororities
  39. Sell your sperm
  40. Become a surrogate

 Online Opportunities

  1. Do paid surveys
  2. Write blogs
  3. Write poetry
  4. Write Ads
  5. Coach
  6. Teach
  7. Ask for grant money
  8. Be a Domain namer
  9. Recreated auction Ads
  10. Sell new domain names
  11. Do eBay
  12. Set up an online store
  13. Write Reviews
  14. Affiliate Marketing
  15. Informational Product Marketing
  16. Blog something you are passionate about
  17. Write poetry
  18. Write personal ads for people that can’t
  19. Run an AdSense site
  20. Make a game
  21. Offer your expertise
  22. Sell your writing
  23. Provide service and support
  24. Become a virtual assistant
  25. Do phone sales
  26. Do phone support
  27. Become a virtual gold seller for World of Warcraft
  28. Forex
  29. MLM
  30. post
  31. Paid to read email
  32. Sell space on your site for ads
  33. Get paid to fill jobs
  34. Review software
  35. Put polls on your site
  36. Submit your videos
  37. Become a rent a coder

These are just 77 Real and True Ways to Make Money, of course there are many more. It is meant to stimulate you to think and if you choose just a few of these to do, they may get you through the hard times.

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Source by Corinne Bridgewater