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Recently a dear friend of mine needed to program a dream to find a new job.  He was 54 years old, unemployed, and finding his lifelong vocation squeezed out from this extended recession.  I consulted with him of the need to possibly reinvent himself as the economy was unlikely to recover his lost lifelong endeavor.  To prepare for his programmed dream I suggested he compile a list of his vast and varied skills that he had acquired over the years as a homeowner, and real estate investor.  I then suggested that he’d narrow this list down to those activities which brought him the most joy. Not only joy in his life, but activities that would bring benefit to those around him. 

I explained to him that doing what you enjoy doing while at the same time serving your fellow man would produce productive flow of his energies and love, and would subsequently create a double benefit alleviating his depression while touching the lives of others.

I explained to him the value of preparing himself prior to going to sleep by meditating and preying upon his now shortened list.  I suggested he pray and ask the Holy Spirit, to illuminate his mind, heart and soul as to what would best provide for him and his family while giving opportunities to further serve his fellow man.  I also recommended deep breathing exercises to bring them to a relaxed state – and fully at peace – being careful not to read and/or watch worldly distractions.  As a matter of fact I suggested reading his favorite Psalm just before turning out the lights.

That night, he had a vivid dream about a homeless man who was wandering the streets confused and upon questioning was adamant that he was lost but knew his home was close by.  He gently tried to explain to the man that he didn’t have a home and that although he didn’t have much money, he would be grateful if the homeless man would allow him to buy him dinner.  This man said, “no that’s okay, I just need to get home so I can eat, my dinner is waiting for me”! 

Somewhat overwhelmed, and filled with sadness, he struggled to help this man all the while starting to feel guilty because even though he was unemployed he still had so much.

The next morning the moment he awoke he grabbed his pen and notebook and immediately wrote down the entire dream somewhat perplexed as he had never had dreams of homeless people, nor been involved in that type of work.  He had always been dutiful to provide canned goods and frozen turkeys to his local church for the Thanksgiving food drive as well as extra offerings in the plate for the homeless.  When life was good and work was plentiful he always felt somewhat guilty driving through the city especially in the winter seeing the men and women huddled on steam vents.  Always thinking to himself I should do something but never following through.  He figured to himself, but now with his truncated lifestyle due to unemployment and inevitable identification with those less fortunate became more of a reality.

He thought perhaps my subconscious is working out my fears. Thinking to himself -I did everything right I prepared for this programmed dream and all I seem to have gotten was a guilt trip about the homeless.

Perplexed but not shaken, he jumped out of bed determined to make the best of the day and continue his year long job hunt on the road. Putting on his job interview suit he grabbed his coffee, kissed his wife goodbye, and went out to jump in his car. 

Unfortunately, his car wouldn’t start and so for the first time in his life he was taking public transportation.  Fortunately the main transportation center was only two blocks from his house, which he had passed so many times somewhat feeling sorry for “those people” who had to slog through life at the mercy of a somewhat less than perfect transportation system.

While on the bus that morning he bumped into an old acquaintance who used to be a tenant in one of his buildings, and she asked him what are you doing on the bus?  Without even thinking, he explained that he was on the way down to the city homeless shelter to see if he could volunteer because he had so much time on his hands now that he was unemployed.  His acquaintance replied with excitement, “Brother, this is your lucky day!I’m a supervisor of housekeeping at Project Home in Center City, and they are currently looking to fill a position for building management. 

Not only is the pay great, the Project well-funded, but they also offer full health insurance.  And with your property management skills, and kind compassionate personality I’m confident you’ll love working with the ex-homeless and it will be a perfect fit.

Coincidence?  Perhaps, but Philadelphia’s a large city.  What is the possibility of two persons riding the same bus at the same time and both thinking about the same job, in the same area, on the same morning after the programmed dream that indicated an involvement with the homeless?  

How often should such coincidences occur?  There is a point where it might be more reasonable to suspect a power outside our own awareness operating to make these kinds of connections.

It has been written: “Ask and You Shall Receive”.  This is not necessarily to specify any particular denomination or even a certain spirituality. Indeed all of my patients, friends, relatives — over the course of 39 years — have received enlightened answers when they programmed dreams.  The amazing results, one after another, year after year, inspired me to search for the source of this enlightened information.  Is it from within ourselves?  Is it some external source?  What about when you do not even program to have a dream and you simply are given information during sleep?

More often than not, you will wake with a definitive answer to your programmed dream question.  But there are times although the answer is there but clarity and confirmation only come as we go about our day open and receptive to the other players on the stage of life that have been arranged for us, and before us, as we cooperate with what is so freely given. 

My friend is now gainfully employed in the Ministry that rescues and houses the homeless that are also mentally ill.  His years of managing his own property, and being actively involved in the outreach of his church, prepared him both skillfully and spiritually for a role to be played out in the autumn years of his life.  Not only to provide for his family but to experience the flow of love reaching outward to those less fortunate than himself.

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Source by Dr. Clancy McKenzie