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If you’re looking to learn about MLM marketing systems, you’ve come to the right place. Gone are the days when any network marketer has to rely on talking to friends and family in hopes of building their business.

The internet has changed the game completely and now you can get in the game and become an astoundingly successful global marketer while never having to be embarrassed again to talk to people who really don’t share your dreams or vision of becoming a residual income success story.

The truth is, MLM marketing systems are creating six and seven figure earners every single day with the leverage of the internet and the coordinated training and power these systems offer. Once you spend a little time learning the tools of the trade, you can be well on your way to succeeding in any networking company you choose. That my friends, is leverage! Let’s dive in.

The Purpose of a Quality MLM Marketing System

At some point in the last 4-5 years, a concept began called the funded proposal system. I really believe it was started by Mike Dillard with a program called Magnetic Sponsoring. I used it right out of the gate.

The concept was simple. Give networkers a front end squeeze page to advertise on the net and when people opted in they were automatically sent a series of emails to educate them on “a better way” to build their business. That was by purchasing the Magnetic Sponsoring course for under $50 bucks. You, by opting in to the squeeze page, also became a lead for that person because they knew you had interest in learning more about the business of network marketing.

The course was cutting edge, especially at that time and not only talked about the mindset necessary to succeed in networking and the posture to take as a leader in the business, but it also discussed how the funded proposal system worked.

Once a person opted-in and purchased the course, you got paid as an affiliate. Brilliant, because now you’re making money and you haven’t even sponsored anyone yet. In addition, now they had access through their back office to purchase other Magnetic Sponsoring products and if they bought, you got paid again.

So the purpose was to allow you to build an affiliate marketing cash flow while you build your MLM business. By doing that, you would be less likely to quit your mlm because you’re already making money and if done right, would have a steady stream of network marketing prospects to potentially sponsor into your networking business. It’s a brilliant business model and it flat out works.

The Training That Quality MLM Marketing Systems Provide

As you can imagine, with the growth of the internet, web 2.0 properties, social marketing and so on…. there’s a heck of a lot to learn about leveraging the internet to build your business. This is where the great MLM marketing systems really shine.

The best systems actually show you step by step how to use and leverage: web 2.0 properties like EzineArticles and article directories, Hubpages, Squidoo Lenses and Blogger pages as well as creating your own blog as the focal point of you and your business.

They then show you how and why to use social media such as: Facebook and Twitter.

Finally, they show you how to use: Video Marketing… to take your business to the next level

Additionally, you’ll learn how to blog, pay-per-click advertising and any cutting edge trend that comes along and is tested to work for generating leads.

The Tools that Quality MLM Marketing Systems Provide

The best systems, not all, but the best systems on the internet also provide you with instant video squeeze pages so you can actually be up and running generating leads without having to know and use an HTML editor. This is a huge advantage in time savings, but it’s also great because they’re tested to be high converting pages.

Better still, the great systems even allow you to customize your squeeze page to focus on a company or MLM leader with just the flip of a switch so the squeeze page converts insanely higher because your speaking to exactly what the person is searching for.

Lastly, if you’re like me, the training has to be step by step. Direct me to do this first, this second, this third and so on. Some of the systems have great content, but are completely confusing as to how to implement what they’re teaching. There is nothing more frustrating than that.

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Source by Chris DeVincentis