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By-passing All the Pitfalls

Are you serious about earning a living through  MLM  or Network Marketing business? Out of misconception, failure, and bad experiences in their previous  MLM  ventures some people may have decided that  MLM  is not a proper way even to earn a decent living, let alone to make it a means to be wealthy. Some other people may have condemned  MLM  and showed sour face when approached by their friends who invited them to get involved in  MLM  business.

How and where do  MLM  get its notoriety from? It comes from misconception and is granted by many  MLM’s  losers. Some of those people who underestimate  MLM  and speak bad about  MLM  may have not even tried any venture in  MLM  business at all. They just heard about something bad or wrong with  MLM  from  MLM  and Money Game’s losers. Out of ignorance, some people associate all rich-quick schemes (such as Money Games, Pyramid Schemes) with  MLM  or Network Marketing business. This is truly an atrocious generalization. These people are in need of education so that they will find out the real nature and characteristics of a true  MLM  or Network Marketing business. If you want to get involved seriously in  MLM  and Network Marketing business and expect to earn better living from it, you have to carefully choose the right  MLM  company. Spend some of your time on conducting a research about  MLM  companies you have considered to get involved with. By doing this you will be able to by-pass all pitfalls and serious handicaps that may have failed many people who are now suffering from  MLM  phobia.

Handling the Hardest Parts of  MLM  Routines

There are some common reasons which cause people to stay away from  MLM  business and which are also responsible for failing many who, out of curiousity, have tried to involved themselves in an  MLM  business for some time. Many people think they will downgrade their reputation and prestige when they get involved in an  MLM  business because they imagine that their involvement in  MLM  will require them to go door to door selling products they hate being associated with. This kind of people certainly lack information and background knowledge about  MLM  or Network Marketing business. If your prospects or circle of acquaintances consist mostly of this type of people, you will need a more educative approach in prospecting them. Supply them with good readers (books, articles, brochures) about  MLM  and Network Marketing business. Educate them first before trying to sponsor them. Let them know that there are many people out there who make it big through  MLM .

Understanding What It Takes In Sponsoring

To many people who never do a job which requires speaking skills and interpersonal approach, sponsoring is a truly scary thing to do in the beginning. Why are they scared of sponsoring? There must be reasons behind this fear. Each person may have his own reason for fear of sponsoring. Offline sponsoring involves a long speaking activities which includes explaining, describing, exemplifying, assuring and trust-building. When you are able to analyze what you should do in sponsoring, you can prepare yourself so that you can perform well in a sponsoring-oriented activities. Considering the components that make up sponsoring activities, you will realize what you need to perform well in sponsoring. Regardless of whom you are sponsoring, it takes the same mastery of materials and skills to perform well in sponsoring. With the mastery of the materials and skills needed in hand, you only need to adjust your methods and approaches in accordance with the background of a person you are about to sponsor. Of course you will not use the same approach in sponsoring a senior high school graduate as you will in sponsoring a physician. Although you use the same materials and skills in sponsoring them.

What materials do you really need to master to be able to perform well in sponsoring? There are two kinds of materials that you have to master to perform well in sponsoring activities, namely: 1. Materials about your  MLM  company’s profile and the system of compensation plan and all things related to this, 2. Materials about the products being marketed by the company and all things related them. So, it is strongly recommended that when you sign up with any  MLM  company, you have to immediately know, at least general knowledge about this company’s profile, its compensation plan, and the products being marketed. If you are not interested in finding out about all this, then you are not joining the company to succeed but to please your sponsor and/or upline temporarily. You will go nowhere beyond being registered as a member. This type of member possibly makes up the highest percentage of all  MLM  members who will eventually say, “I am not cut out to be an  MLM  millionaire.”

Learning to Handle Rejection Wisely

It is understandable and human nature not to readily accept refusal or rejection. Most people will not take “No” for an answer. Basically, nobody wants to be rejected. But it is also the law of nature that there is a “No” to balance a “Yes”, there is a “Light” to balance a “Dark”, and there is a “Good” to balance is a “Bad”. So, considering this law of nature, you must not kill yourself just because you are rejected three times today. Some other people may have been rejected ten times today but remain calm because they know tomorrow they may get 10 acceptances. That is life. To these optimistic people, life is like a turning wheel. You will never be on top all the time. And God is of supreme justice. Succeeding is the right of everyone who struggles for it. It is a matter of time and persistence.

Duplicating Leaders

Why do people build a network? There must be a reason why a network is so highly regarded by the people who know the value a network. It takes time and energy to build a huge network. Building a network is not a one man’s work. You will never have a huge network if you work alone. It is almost impossible to build a network alone. The more people you have to build a network the easier and faster you can establish a huge network. Duplicating is creating more and more people whose expertise, skills, attitude and action are similar to those of their competent leader in relation to their business development. If one able leader can build a huge castle, a lot more can be expected from more competent leaders.

Managing Downlines

The longevity of your inflow of residual and passive income lies on your success in managing your downlines. Your downlines are your asset, so treat them as such (See my article entitled “Don’t Let Your Downlines Down” ). Your downline organization is a vital infrastructure of your  MLM  business. Your business is nothing without your downlines. If you fail in understanding the importance of your downlines, just imagine yourself standing on a roof of a tall building, then suddenly comes a big earthquake shaking and breaking the foundation and the body of the building on which you are standing. What is the chance of your staying alive?

Entertaining and Rewarding Yourself

Are you tired of doing your  MLM  routines, being rejected, being frustrated because of failure in achieving your own target, and in certain cases being left behind by the people whom you used to introduce to the business. Again, it is a fact of life that at times you have to accept the reality of life. Learn how to appreciate what you have got in your hands, and what God has granted to you so far. You may have achieved more than what your colleagues have, but you do not realize it or to arrogant to say “Thanks!” to the Creator of this universe.

Try to learn from other people who have succeeded. Do not just see how rich they are now, but learn the strategies which they may have shared with million people through their biographies. Did they suddenly succeed out of the blue. You may not realize that you have found the right path to achieve your long time goals. Do not let others steal your dreams or divert your direction. Entertain yourself when you achieve some improvement in you  MLM  career. Reward yourself for each achievement however small it may be. Thank “God” for all blessing and mercy granted to you, then you will be guided safely to your destination.

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Source by Majelis Abu Hamid