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What are the differences between a conventional Job & Network Marketing?

Well the first main difference is that in Network Marketing you will be self-employed whereas in a Job you will be employed by an Employer. Essentially in   MLM  or Network Marketing you are running your own business selling or promoting the products & services of the  MLM  Company. You will be responsible for your own tax affairs & will have to submit a tax return at the end of the tax year – 05 April. It may be that you are both employed & running a  MLM  business, in that case you still have to complete a tax return.

The next main difference is in the way that you are paid. In the case of Job you will be contracted to work a set amount of hours per week & you will be paid an “hourly rate” for those hours. Don’t however make the mistake of thinking that you are paid x per hour, you are not, you are paid for the work that you produce in those hours, otherwise you could just sit at home & collect your pay at the end of the week or month. In Network Marketing you will be paid for sales you make, for referring people to your company’s services & for introducing other reps to act for your  MLM  Company. You may also receive an on-going commission for recurring sales or monthly subscriptions, in effect you will get paid on-going fees for work you do just once, a bit like royalties for songs or writings. In a Job you are paid for your own efforts only, in Network Marketing you are paid for your efforts, plus the efforts of anybody you sponsor into the business & anybody they sponsor, this happens down to many levels depending upon the Network Marketing Company.

Another major difference is in Time Management, as above in a Job you are contracted to work a set amount of hours per week, you will more than likely be told what those hours are i.e 9 till 5 & you will be told when you can take time off for holidays. In Network Marketing you manage your own time, you choose when & where you work & when you take your holidays. In a Job you will also have a “place of work” or a “territory”, in Network Marketing you are free to work wherever your  MLM  Company operates, be it country specific or worldwide. There are no set hours with a  MLM  Company, people simply choose how many hours they want to work or not at all should they feel inclined to do so.

Pay Scales are totally different in Jobs as oppose to Network Marketing. In a Job you will generally have a pay scale for the type of job you are doing, there will be a minimum & a maximum for your particular position depending upon your experience, to move up in the pay scale you will generally have to achieve a promotion or change jobs. In Network Marketing everyone has the chance to earn as much as possible, whilst there may be “promotions” to a higher level people will not have to wait for someone to leave or die before they can move “up the ladder”. Indeed in  MLM  there are no ladders as this implies that there is only room for one or two people to climb at any one time.

The one area where Jobs & Network Marketing is similar is in their structures, this is totally contrary to popular belief. The term “Pyramid” is often associated ( and in a derogatory sense ) with  MLM  because of its Company Structure, however all companies have a “Pyramid Structure”, in that there are workers/reps at the bottom, supervisors/team leaders on the next level, then middle managers/group leaders, then senior managers/senior group leaders, and finally directors/national leaders at the top. Obviously as you go up the structure there are less on each level giving the pyramid shape.

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Source by John Mac