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I started with the multi-level marketing, and don’t knock it until you’ve done your homework. I like the one I am in, but needed another outlet. I am learning a lot on business opportunities, and the bait that is used. I don’t agree with the opeing lines for some, but the lessons are great! I never thought I would do any business online, but with the mlm I got into, it has led me to other sources of income that I can appreciate. Get rich quick is not one of them, but I am learning things I know I wouldn’t have learned any other way! For that, I am grateful. I get to come into the 21st century “painlessly”, without too much overload in taking computer classes, and not being able to catch on. These “work at home opportunities” have actually made it easy to learn more about using the computer, and especially, how to make money using it! I discovered my online business

opportunity site, is just what I dreamed of ! No joke! Offered are sites that show you step by step, on how to get started, and information on taking you further. I love to write, and haven’t

done it in a while. I am doing it again, and loving every moment! I also get to explore the products available for optimal computer based income, and there are a lot! I am thrilled at sites like

this, that publish articles, allowing people to share information, and teach others what they know. I have recently come across other internet marketers who are amazing , and very

knowledgable…and willing to help! They tell others what they need to know, and give information, while making their own living.

Do you know why? There is certainty that there is strength in numbers, and people will make money helping others do the same. If you are selfish, you won’t get very far. And if you do ,

you won’t stay there long. It is fulfilling to help others , and helps the person doing just that! Not with money…where it counts. Sure , money comes, but it is a very healthy and fulfilling thing

to help others. True, the more money you have, the more good you can do , but helping with time is just as important. Volunteer somewhere, and see the difference in how you feel. I

recently heard a quote by the great Bob Proctor, ” If you’re not rich, the good you can do is limited to your physical presence.” I agree, but , there’s a lot to be said for the good you can do

helping out somewhere in person, too. He does touch on that a lot, too.

One thing does lead to another, in this case , too. Last year I worked two jobs, just as I had for over the last decade. Missing most of my kid’s childhood, struggling to stay afloat

financially, and hoping not to get , sick, or injured so that I don’t miss work at either job. What a way to live! I did it for a long time. Many do it for longer! I was grateful for the mlm

company I found, to introduce me to the life of the “human being”. I hoped to work at home, and that is what I now do. While trying to figure out ways to get my website out there, so I could

stay home and earn well, I discovered another internet business to take part in. It manages itself for the most part. My job is to get people to see it. If you have a site, then you know what I

mean. If you don’t , you could have one , with a small investment. My honest advice, if you decide to take advantage of an opportunity , set a few hundred dollars to the side. It is

educational, and you can make it work. You really don’t need any great computer knowledge to do it! There is a support team to help with questions, and you have a variety of products to

choose from. I chose the one I did , because I wanted to be stress free with work, and be happy! This is a ticket in that direction! Now that I am doig Internet work, I have the time with my

family I wanted, and I have the time to do good…volunteering with kids who have cancer. I am excited to help, and they are happy to paint with me.

See, it can be done. The initial cost of the items on the website I have are what they say, but you will need money for the web hosting fee. That is why I realisticly suggest a few

hundred-$300, for starters. The first $200 will cover the cost of the initial set up for the site, and I recommend the other $100 to start yourself on a search engine, if you like. Take the time

for yourself to really do this, and allow yourself time to set it up. Not 15 minutes…I know VERY LITTLE about computers , and it took me a while to fish around. But, I am learning a lot

very quickly, and so will you. You don’t need a formal education to do this. The more you learn, and the more money you make, you can invest in another site, to continue gaining streams of

income. It is a good way to build residual income. The more you learn, the better off you are. It is fun to learn this! The alternative is physical labor, or sitting in an office working to make

someone a lot more money than you will, doing your job for them. What do you think? And don’t be afraid! BE FEARLESS! If I can do this anyone can. I’m no moron, but I’m no genius,

either. Forget anyone who ever let you believe you had to work for someone else your whole life. Find something to start with while still working your job, and research a little. Find

something you like , and go for it! Just..GO FOR IT!! You can learn to do whatever you want to do! I am!! The feeling is unlike anything I imagined. I smile as I type, because in spite of

myself… I am doing it! And I am happy! Care to join me?

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Source by Lise Guillet