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I started my affiliate marketing business almost one year ago. This industry has proven to be challenging and extremely competitive. I would encourage anyone that is interested in making money online or starting a real home based business to investigate the income opportunities in this field. The Internet journey that I have been on since June of 2013 has been fun and exciting. The steep training curve and information overload made the process very difficult at times. There were many pitfalls. I made mistakes that might have been avoided had I been better prepared. I started thinking about what I would do differently, if I were to start over in the affiliate marketing world.

Here are four real life tips that can make the journey a lot easier:

  • Thoroughly Research the Business.

The Internet is chock-full of information about affiliate marketing. Almost all of the information is free. There are forums (Warrior, Greedy, etc.) and social network sites (Facebook groups, Linked-In groups) that anyone can join to learn about the business. Follow what members post in these forums and groups. Forum members can be quite generous sharing their knowledge with new marketers. Absorb as much as possible for a few weeks. Entire campaign case studies can be found in these forums. Learn what worked and what did not. It can be surprising how much help one can find there. Use the Internet to find reviews on products and courses that are for sale. Don’t stop researching. This is a necessity for the business to succeed.

  • Have Enough Money

New affiliate marketers often have the most problems with funding their campaigns. It is possible to market products on the Internet for free, or at least inexpensively. It takes a long time (sometimes years) to develop a responsive customer base exclusively using free marketing techniques. Eventually, paid traffic may need to be employed to see faster results. The novice should be prepared to lose money when starting out. Why? There are different costs to consider with paid marketing methods. Depending on the type of paid traffic used (cost per click, banner ads, solo ads, etc.), It will take more than one or two or ten or more campaigns to become profitable.

  • Talk to Other People and Get Involved

Networking is an important part of research. The new marketer should get involved in the forums and become a member if possible. Sharing the experience by asking questions and posting what has been learned is invaluable. The feedback received can be pure gold.

  • Use Good Tracking

Once there are offers to promote, affiliate networks and traffic sources to work with, the data needs to be organized and monitored. Tracking the performance of the marketing efforts is essential to productivity and profitability. A tracking system provides the type of reporting that can turn a money losing campaign into a money making one. The system that I use is CPV Lab. It does cost a few dollars and requires data hosting, but more than makes its money worth in the long run. Prosper202 is a very good free tracking system. Of course, it does not contain all of features and reporting that a paid system does, however is better than flying blind.

Starting an Internet business is not an easy task. As with any business, there is much to learn and much to do. Internet marketing is special. These four tips can help to take the pain out of the process.

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Source by Michael S Ashton