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If you landed on this page, you’re probably thinking about joining the Perfectly Posh direct selling business opportunity. Inside this report, I’m going to talk a little bit about Perfectly Posh and share some details that you might not be conscious of. Additionally, I’m going to give you some pointers to what you should expect should you decide to join. By the way, I am NOT associated with this company at all so rest assured that I will not be looking to recruit you. I’m just gonna share some info with you that will definitely assist you should you wish to join. But first off,

What Exactly Is Perfectly Posh Anyways?

Perfectly Posh is a MLM, direct selling organization that promotes personal care, pampering and beauty products. Some of their products include lotions, soaps, massage balms, fragrances, lip glosses and balms, body butters and shea butter. As a side note, these products aren’t tested on animals and don’t contain parabens, animal bi-products, gluten, or soy.

Perfectly Posh launched in October 2011 and is run by a number of experienced business owners like: Andrew McBribe, Sterling Cord, Ann Dalton, and Bob Hipple. Perfectly Posh’s mission is to help people be passionate about who they are. Together they’ve seen and done pretty much everything in the direct selling industry and are so excited to help individuals share Posh with the world.

For you to enroll as an independent distributor, you must first get a basic starter kit for $100 bucks and this will include 19 different Perfectly Posh products. As you use the products yourself and share them with others, you can receive commissions from 20% to 31% for each sale. Plus, since this business operates with a multi-level pay plan, you can even receive up to 6% of your downline bonuses. In other words, if you bring in someone and they go ahead and sell products too, you’ll receive an additional percentage of their efforts.

Now, a lot of people might think that Perfectly Posh is some type of a pyramid scheme but that isn’t the case. This company has a product that is being sold and you make commissions on products sold, not only enrolling new members. In an illegal pyramid scheme, there’s no product or service being sold and you simply make money for bringing people in. Not the case inside this business, therefore the business is legal and great to build.

So Is Perfectly Posh A Good Corporation?

Yes, this business is a wonderful one. On the other hand, I must discuss something and it is going to be extremely important that you understand. A lot of the associates who join this enterprise will never earn a full-time income or even come close. You might ask exactly why that happens well here’s the deal. When it comes to building a direct sales mlm business, you’ve got to learn a couple of skills that are absolutely critical to your success. Now of course having the right mindset has a lot to do with your success but you also require skills. One of them is lead generation. Simply doing home parties is not enough. You’ll run out of close friends and family to talk to and you’ll need to learn how to generate more leads. Without leads, you don’t have a MLM business, PERIOD.

Another skill you’ll need to learn is sponsoring and recruiting. You may get all the leads you want but you have to learn how to recruit those folks either as customers or business builders. Most reps fail because they haven’t learned the right ways of recruiting.

The last skill is marketing. This is the one that doesn’t get taught often. Why? Because it’s not duplicable and most Perfectly Posh reps won’t take the time to learn it. If you learn and master marketing, you are going to become a deadly weapon and you’ll become the envy of your competition. See here’s the deal: doing home meetings and prospecting is pushing the product and opportunity on people. Marketing PULLS people in and you ONLY deal with people who are currently looking and searching for your products and opportunity. Wouldn’t it be much more fun to grow a business in that manner?

Perfectly Posh Conclusion

So to conclude this particular article, I wish to say that Perfectly Posh is a great company that could be around for a long time. Their products seem very useful to the end user and the opportunity to make real money with them is good as well. However, keep in mind that if you really want to maximize your odds of success with this company, learn the 3 skills that I stated above so you can separate yourself from the masses that fail.

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Source by Lee St. Louis