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There are four secrets to keep in mind to make sure you have a great URL and have it protected.

SECRET 1… Easy To Spell

Make sure you have an easy-to-spell URL. For example, would be a bad URL because half your potential clients might enter Also, some English words are typically misspelled. For example, is a bad URL because half your potential clients would type

SECRET 2… Easy to Say

Saying “number one best dot com” to a friend might cause that friend to type or or So make sure that when you say a URL then it is totally unambiguous.

SECRET 3… Protect Yourself Against URL-Created Misspellings

There are some company names or expressions which are totally clear in normal English but which become a little awkward when used as a URL. For example, “classic cars” is completely clear and unambiguous. Everyone would spell it correctly. Unfortunately, has an unexpected double-c which means that half your clients will inadvertently type and you will lose their business. What is the cure? Buy both the single-c version and the double-c version.

SECRET 4… Protect Yourself Against Ordinary Misspellings

Some words are just misspelled by ignorance or sloppy typing. Check with Google Keyword Tools to find how often possible misspellings of your URL are entered into Google each month. For example, “mentor” is entered into Google many times in a typical month; but also the non-word “menter” is entered a surprisingly high 14,800 times every month. Protect yourself by buying all common misspellings.

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Source by Raymond Aaron