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With teachers, mentors, coaches and gurus popping up all over the web – each willing to take your cash in order to teach you what it really takes to succeed in MLM, it’s time to let the truth fly!

Your first step to success in MLM is to be coachable and teachable. You must be willing to follow the proven system that is laid out by your company. If others have gone before you and used a certain proven system to be successful – then by all means become an excellent mimic!

I think far to often people get involved with a company and only see the parts they want to see. They don’t hear, or choose not to hear the ‘how’ they will be working to make money. Then when the simple system is laid out for them… they balk, stall, don’t work or change the system to ‘suit them’ and find that ‘MLM doesn’t work”…

When I got started in this industry almost 11 years ago, there was a simple system to follow that produced results. Surprisingly, that system has not really changed much! Most MLM companies have a simple process in place that new distributors can follow straight away and make money. The more contacts, the more money- right?

You are given a script to follow to take your prospect through a few simple steps:

#1 Prospect listens to a 3 minute sizzle call to qualify their interest.

#2 Give the interested prospect your website to review

#3 Prospect gets a full business overview live on the phone/ a webinar or a recorded video

#4 Get the upline on the phone to answer questions.

#5 Collect a decision – make a sale!

This hasn’t changed much in 11 years – except that we have far more sophisticated websites/autoresponders/ways the prospect can get the overview. And guess what? It still works! All across the nation, people are taking their prospects through that simple duplicatable system, outlined by a script… and they are making sales!

So if you are in a MLM company with a simple duplicatable system like this, and you are not making sales… you must ask yourself if you are indeed teachable and coachable. Are you following the instructions given by your mentor? If not, perhaps you need to put on your ‘student of the industry’ cap and get rid of the ego thats in the way of you and your commission check!

“But I don’t want to build my business that way… I want to do it MY way…”

Is YOUR way working?

Then try doing what the millionaires in your company are doing… just try it… do it till you are good at it. See what happens.

It’s got to be better than what you have going on now, right?

Follow the simple system given to you by your MLM company and master the basics until you can do them without thinking – and until you are sponsoring easily. Become a recruiting machine – a master recruiter if you will. Stuff your sales funnel with qualified prospects, let the system sort them – and collect the checks at the other end.

That’s MLM Success, right? No… it’s not. That’s success in Direct Sales. You still have a ways to go to be successful.

Next, you need to teach your new people to follow the same, simple system. This is how we achieve duplication in MLM. Its how you achieve true leverage. You know, the efforts of 1% of 100 people verses 100% of your own efforts? This is how you get those bonus overrides – the money earned when others in your business earn a check. When you have a happy little army going out and making sales so you can earn those bonuses – THEN you have achieved success in MLM…. RIGHT? WRONG!

True success in MLM is when you have true residual income. You know, what they call ‘walk away’ income where your business pays you month after month whether you work it or not. The Residual Income Dream that lures us all into this industry. That, my friend, is the Holy Grail of MLM. So… how can we reach this level of success?

The attainment of true residual income can only happen as you develop leaders in your organization. The development of leadership is how you have a large, stable, growing organization without the mass attrition that is so common in MLM. You must develop leadership in yourself, and then you must ‘pour into’ the people who are in your business who want to become leaders themselves. You are already enjoying the fruits of your labor as people duplicate in your business – now you must GIVE BACK to the people in your group. Invest your time and energy making sure that those who are asking for your guidance get it. Make sure they are empowered by the education you give them.

When you have an organization held together with integrity and strong with true leaders – you have achieved true success in MLM.

To summarize

#1 Humble your self to be coachable and teachable and follow the simple system outlined by your company. Do not deviate or re-create the wheel…

#2 Teach those you bring on board to follow the exact same system to achieve duplication

#3 Develop leadership in yourself, and then empower leaders in your organization. Raise them up to stand on their own.

#4 With a team of leaders… you have succeeded!

Some people can do this all very quickly. They have a ‘nothing to lose’ mentality and just go take all out massive action. They have success right out of the gate, while others stand in awe.

Others take years to have success. Perhaps their belief, faith or even need is not as great as the person who is on fire from the start.

Which are you?

I suggest you start right now as if this was day 1 in your journey to success in MLM. Get your gift of faith out – know that if you follow the simple system that it will result in sales. Take all out massive action and make some crazy cash, and teach others to do the same. Seek a mentor that can help you develop your leadership abilities… and claim the Residual Income Dream for yourself!

“Faith is a spiritual gifting that is present in the Entrepreneur. It is obedience to a calling, risk taking in response to a vision – a believing wholeheartedly in the unseen. You have been called to greatness ~ it is time to step out in faith.” Melanie Milletics.

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