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When building a business, the hardest skill to master is not growing your business but creating a balance between family and business. It is easy to get lost in constructing your business so that it can make money on autopilot, but getting there while keeping a balance in your personal life is important. Most people join multi level marketing (MLM) businesses to take control of their income, live the life of their dreams, spend time with family, and help others. Family is usually a common reason that keeps people motivated about what they do. It is their “why.”

Have you ever stopped for a moment to observe your family while they were not looking and just smiled in appreciation of your blessings? The need to provide for your family, the yearning to build wealth, the understanding of committing to sacrificing time to build a lifetime of prosperity drives you to be successful. This drive clouds your judgment in creating a balance that allows time for family. Missing football games, dance recitals, parent conferences, and field trips creates an absent parent. Children do not understand that a parent is working hard to make time for those activities. Children will voice their disappointments and unhappiness with your schedule and eventually demand more of your time. Soon the spouse that stays at home will feel neglected and voice concerns of abandonment.

So what do you do? Set a schedule time to spend with your family and show them that you care about them. Plan activities together and do them. Take day trips that would allow you to return home at the end of the day to attend business meetings. Most of all, turn all electronic devices off and connect with your family, you would be surprise what you missed while disconnected from them. If your family is the reason why you are working so hard, it would be detrimental if you lost your family while building your life dreams.

Are you sacrificing time with your family to build financial wealth? If you are unable to find a balance, I would like to hear your story.

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Source by Guilda Joseph