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If you are an MLMer or Network Marketer, chances are this is not your first home business opportunity. It has been known for entrepreneurs to go through at least three of four if not more MLM or direct sales type business opportunities.

The cycle usually starts with desperation of sorts, impending job loss, changes in circumstances that demand an increase in income, finally realising that you are actually worth more than your boss is paying you or something along those lines.

Desperate, you look online to see what business opportunities are out there. You find an opportunity where you cannot fail, it is a system that says you WILL make money, and it’s the next best thing. You get excited as there seems to be lots of hype about it, so you go ahead and sign up. The ball starts rolling, you receive the magic auto responders and you feel this is it. Until you get discouraged after a few months when nothing much seems to be happening, you have not made any money as was promised.

Let’s just face it, there are no “next best thing’s” out there, chances are the reason why you are not doing well within your current MLM is down to YOU and nothing else. In the online world YOU are the product that needs to be marketed, not your company products, or their compensation plan YOU. It is important to build rapport with your clientele, TRUST is a big plus for any business, and where there is TRUST customers pass on REFERRALS.

If you treat your home business casually like a hobby, then you will only get hobby money. This is the mistake many make when looking for a home business which can place their full time work income. They find an opportunity, but are not focussed or prepared to make this a full time business.

Instead of being a victim of your own refusal to wake up to the fact that your dreams and hopes are just that, ‘dreams and hopes’ with no reality of you making them any more than that why not go out there and use this knowledge that you already have to brand yourself. Make your business more professional by looking at the areas you are lacking in representation in your business, make sure you are disciplined in your work ethos and you will then start to see the results quickly.

Let’s face it, how many times have you moved from company to company and found that the grass is not greener on the other side. If you seem to not get the results you wanted out of your business, you need to look to yourself, it is not the companies fault.

Until you put some discipline into your business, learn the business thoroughly, develop your mindset to that of a business owner, find a way to be of service to your customers, be consistent and persistent and take action or you will never get the results you want, and it doesn’t matter how many companies you join.

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Source by Colette Morris