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Being broke can hurt you physically and mentally as well as even keeping you from being rich. People actually suffer painful experiences having thoughts of worthlessness, being desperate, constant fighting or struggling, lack and need too. People when broke can stop personal development altogether and never reach their full potential.

Unfortunately it is natural for people to remain in the state they are in. Like attracts like. So it can even get worse as a broke mindset attracts more bills or loss of income for example. All is not lost as it is not hard to change the pattern if you understand universal laws of occurrence and take the necessary steps to be in harmony.

To understand why being broke is sending out the wrong negative based broadcast to the universe through vibrations will explain why in exchange, more similar experiences are returned. Basically it is because of the underlying state we are in. A state being the thoughts and feelings in ones mind.

So people can be in a state of being broke. Thereby, your own mind acts in ways of being broke and the condition seemingly won’t go away. However, a basic law of manifestation states simply that we must be before we can act or do, and do before we can actually have what we desire.

Your thoughts and feelings that are part of you now create your life. However it is not instantaneous as your past directed where your life is now and your present is creating your future. In this way our inner reality be it conscious or unconscious predicts your life experiences.

It is difficult to accept the fact that we are responsible for our own experiences but knowing so forms the basis for breaking this cycle of being broke for example. Knowledge that it was actually the messages being sent out causing ones life exposed a simple way to correct it.

One needs to be aware of your states of being and when you are in them. It is at this point that positive results will return to you without exception as this is the way the universe works by law.

To summarize, being broke is just a reflection on your own thoughts. You are in a state of being when broke but the state can be altered. You can actually choose your own state of being. You can imagine the how it feels to be wealthy and feel that way. Not so simple but very effective if you can pull this off. And the vicious cycle of negativity being broke can be broken as with your new being wealthy state, you are sending out better signals. Wealth is emanating from you and universal law directs to bring much more of this wealth your feeling back to you so in effect you can even attract wealth and free money. Finally, you have chosen the feelings to attract wealth rather than being broke.

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Source by Leon Edward