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The name of my coaching business is Successful Together Coaching and my mantra is “Put the ‘us’

in business”.

Having been inspired by my wife and many amazing women in home businesses, I am deeply aware of the capacity for amazing success that we have.

All too often, my coaching clients share that they have a vivid powerful vision of the success they are moving towards and their other half doesn’t get share it.

It is a given that you must own your power and are solely responsible for your own success. If you delegate that to anyone, you are setting the stage for failure.

It can be frustrating to see the magnificent future unfolding before you, and your partner doesn’t

even want to hear about it.

As no two people are identical, it is a certainty that ‘success’ means different things to each of you. Creating a shared vision of success obviously requires that you communicate and share your intentions, desires and dreams with each other, and combine them together to create the vision of the fulfilling life that you both would enjoy.

A scenario I share with my coaching clients is that our lives are like a paint-by- numbers. you hold

some of the colors, you partner holds some, and there are some that you hold together.

If you paint alone, the picture will appear to incomplete as it will only have your portion. If you other half is willing to play, they will take care of their piece and you will complete the picture together.

Unfortunately, too many women find that they are alone in their vision of success. Their partner is

either not interested or doesn’t want to share what they want their life to be like in the future.

And, that is okay. You didn’t see things the way you do until you made the shift. You may have to hold the vision by yourself for a while, until he opens up and wants to play.

In my experience, many men don’t like change. They would happily live their lives exactly the way they are for the foreseeable future.

Your life is not bad, you just have seen the amazing possibilities that are there for you and you are growing by leaps and bounds, fully stepping into your power and your greatness. Naturally, you

want to share that with the most important person in your life.

Bear in mind that a powerful woman can be intimidating to a man. Seeing his lady change before his eyes into a more amazing being who is speaking a different language can be quite unsettling for a

guy who likes the status quo.

It is essential that you grow in your power and move toward your vision of success. Ensure that

you hold a vision of success for you both together and keep the door open. Always speak in terms of we, us and ours.

It is just a matter of time before he joins you.

Be successful – together.

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Source by Mark Semple