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Edging orgasm denial, or tease and denial, is one of the most difficult aspects of male chastity.

I’ll admit, I love it. I love that I get to decide when my husband, John, gets to orgasm… or even if he gets to orgasm. I love the thrill of his not knowing if tonight will be the night; I also love the thrill when he knows he’s got a long time to wait (we recently completed a whole year of strict orgasm denial for him, with lots of teasing and edging).

Still, it can be very hard to practice tease and denial.

If you haven’t heard of tease and denial, it’s rather easy to explain.

Your partner gets you to the edge of cumming and then tells you to stop. That’s it. You aren’t allowed to cum, only to get excited.

There are many creative ways of doing this, too. She can make you masturbate while she watches; you might be asked to make love to a pocket pussy (my favourite with John); she might even go so far as to pleasure you orally until you’re on the very edge and then she’ll stop suddenly, denying you the orgasm.

So now you can see why it can be such a hard game to play. In fact, in the past we’ve lost the plot sometime and he’s ended up cumming for her anyway. It’s not that he wants to (well, of course he does, but you know what I mean — he wants to cum but he craves denial).

And we both enjoy enjoy the game. The thrill of it is intense and mind blowing.

You can practice tease and denial with your beloved at any time, although I do recommend starting out slowly. Tease and denial is not easy for the beginner. In fact, it isn’t easy for any man.

I don’t recommend doing this every night either, not unless you’re really serious about it and your man really is into the game.

There’s no danger involved, but you can get a serious case of blue balls with tease and denial. In fact, your entire body becomes sensitive to touch, your nipples are especially sensitive and they just want to cum. That said, once I did treat John to 31 nights straight of tease and denial, just as a challenge. THAT was fun (but very tough on him).

On the plus side, it makes you very, very pleasing. Pleasuring you is the only thing on his mind when you’re practicing male chastity, but it intensifies when you’re playing tease and denial games.

Imagine what it’s like for him being so close to cumming, and yet not being allowed to. Your lover holds the key to your release, but she is denying you because you have not yet satisfied her needs. It really makes you want to satisfy her needs. This is what constantly churns through the mind of a man in chastity.

Make sure you and your beloved talk about the tease and denial game before you try it.

Although it is not about her sadistic female dominating pleasure, it is about her controlling your orgasm, and some women need time to warm to the idea. Also, decide how many times you want to try tease and denial each week.

You may decide you’re fine with this every night, or, you might decide you just want to try it once every few days. It’s a personal choice between you and your beloved.

Feel free to add in any techniques that drive you wild, that make it even better. Most importantly, male sure he tries hard not to cum, but remember, everyone makes a mistake once in a while and you and your beloved can laugh about it after a night of lovemaking.

Ultimately it’s all about having fun and knowing the facts.

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Source by Sarah Jameson