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Are You Connecting With Your Audience?






How To Grab Hold of Your Audience and Keep Their Attention



Are You Connecting With Your Audience?



If you’re simply writing “for” your targeted audience without fully grasping how to engage them, then you may be missing an important component.



Writing compelling articles and motivating readers to truly become vested makes a tremendous difference in activating your call-to-action with terrific click-through power.





Showcase your expertise and intrigue your audience with these 5 article writing tips by Penny, Managing Editor Ezine Articles


1. Appeal to Emotions

  • What do you feel directly before you take action?
  • Desire, fear, hope, and flattery are examples of common emotional appeals.



2. Use Power Words

  • Let your audience know you’re talking to them!
  • Power words, such as “you” and “your” ,  engage your reader and make them feel unique and singled out.
  • Making your readers or the visitors to your blog or website feel welcome in a personal way is essential in ensuring they return.



3. Answer Potential Questions

  • “What ifs” , will inevitably cross your readers’ minds.
  • Don’t leave them hanging!
  • Answer those potential queries and bring up possible objections within the same piece.
  • This will gain their trust and also exhibit your credibility on the topic.



4. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

  • It takes the typical person about three weeks to form a habit.
  • You have a minute percentage of time to ingrain your message in your readers’ memory.
  • Integrate your desired theme and your key take away (WIIFM-What’s In It For Me)  several times throughout.



5. Stay Short and Sweet

  • We naturally process information best in short, manageable chunks.
  • Long, drawn-out paragraphs become overwhelming and the direct message is lost in the shuffle.
  • Be concise and thorough to be efficient.
  • Provide your audience your expert opinion in reasonably sized passages or numbered lists to keep them interested and wanting more.




Do you use any writing guidelines to keep you in tune with how to stay connected to your readers?


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