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Building A Network Marketing Business Requires Effort On Your Part

It might come as a shock to many people, but establishing a profitable network marketing business requires effort.  I find it astonishing how many people seem to believe that you can build a business without committing any real effort into it.  They have confused the simplicity of the business model with the action that it requires to make that business model profitable.

Basically, a network marketing business functions on a very uncomplicated business model.  Goods and services are delivered from the seller to the customer via a distribution channel built upon the framework of interpersonal relationships, developed by the company’s distributors.   Revenue that would normally be spent for advertising and marketing is instead allocated into a profitable pay plan.  New distributors are also brought into the company via the same framework of interpersonal relationships.   Seems simple enough doesn’t it?   If it is so simple then why do so many fail in their business?

It actually boils down to two things:  Mindset and work ethic.    Since a proper mindset is required to achieve a proper work ethic, let’s start there.   Many people enter their network marketing business with a faulty notion that with minimum effort they will obtain maximum reward.   This mindset manifests itself in a few different ways.   For starters you have the distributor who thinks that by speaking with two or three people they are going to build up a business.   Not two or three people a day…just two or three people.   Then there’s the distributor that thinks their upline will build their business for them.   This mindset is particularly prevalent amongst distributors who join linear, matrix and binary compensation structures.  This distributor is already seeking ways to sidestep the personal responsibility they have for building their own business.

The second part of this picture is work ethic.   It is also impossible to build a solid network marketing business if you lack the proper work ethic.   Many distributors treat their business more like a hobby than a business.   They send one email announcing their new business website when they first get started.  Then they sit back looking for the business to come pouring in.   Everyday they check their company back office, disheartened because all they are seeing is zeros in their sales and recruiting columns.   This distributor is hoping that the computer, the bumper sticker or the business cards at the local coffee shop can do all of the work for them, without them having to invest any sweat equity into their business.

If you are serious about building a network marketing business, then it is imperative that you embrace the correct mindset and a proper entrepreneurial work ethic.   Embrace the fact that it will take work…hard work…sustained hard work on the front end, if you are going to enjoy the fruits of owning your business on the back end.   Develop a game plan for building your business and work that plan with all of the passion you can muster.   If you will commit to doing those two things over an extended period of time, you will ultimately become one of the success stories of this industry and not simply another cautionary tale.


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