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If you are new to  MLM , or unsure if you should join a particular company, here are some considerations that you can take into account before you join. It is important that you know them because they will affect your business in the long run.

1. Does the product meet my needs? Do you find the product useful, or you simply joined because your friend asked you to? If you are interested in gardening, you might be more interested in household products. If you love cooking, Tupperware might be your choice.

2. Is there demand for your products? Although it is necessary to be in a niche market, there must also be demand for your products. Let’s say there is a  MLM  company that promotes hunting products & services. Will you join? Probably not, because the demand for such a product or service is very low! And you have to decide if this product will be popular for many years to come, or simply a passing


3. The nature of the product. If you are looking to earn a residual income from  MLM , the products should sell easily. People in your group need to keep buying so that you can profit. There is no point in selling a one-time product because it doesn’t really come under ‘residual income’. There must be repeated sales every month.

4. Company support. Does the company provide you with promotional materials, such as banners, email ads, PPC ads, sales website, leads, sales kits, etc? These are important because they will help you to better promote your business opportunity. If you are left alone with no company support, it is better to keep away from such companies.

5. Company history. How long has this company been in the market? You should choose a company that is around 3-5 years old. A new company may offer great opportunities, but they can be quite unstable in the initial process. A company that is more than 5 years old should have quite a number of distributors, thus diminishing your prospecting market.

6. Noteworthy mentions. Are they mentioned in authoritative sites that govern  MLM  opportunities? Are they the leading brand in their specific industry, e.g. weight loss? Have they won an awards for product innovation? These can indirectly help you when you are promoting your products.

Making money online is no longer as easy as it used to be. Many network marketers struggle because they do not have a way to do it properly. Most often than not, their uplines are absolutely clueless as well. The first thing that you need for your online  MLM  business is leads.

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Source by George Yeo