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What’s the easiest way to build a big  MLM  business fast?

Incorporate the internet into your prospecting process!

The trick is to come to grips with the reality of the


Give up looking for the easy way and find the “best” way!

Accept that right now you don’t know what’s the best way to

do it.

If you’re looking to generate $100,000 a year in

“residual income” down the road then you would need to have

$2 million invested in Government Bonds at 5% to get it.

That’s a lot of money and very, very few people ever get

$2 million in cash together to invest.

That’s a big job you’re taking on!

Look what you’re setting out to achieve… you don’t have

very much starting capital but you’re looking to build a

business in a few short years that is equivalent to having

$2 million invested.

No wonder  MLM  seems difficult! The rewards are amazing!

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Here’s how to make it easy…

What do you need to build any  MLM  business?

You need a list of people to contact.

And this is where traditional  MLM  falls right on its face!

We all hate rejection. There’s a part of our brain that

does everything in its power to keep us from getting into

situations where we might be rejected. Less than 5% of

people are sales personalities. Sales people still hate

rejection but they’re not immobilized by it. The rest of us

will do whatever it takes to avoid it.

So the typical route taken by most MLMers is to approach

two people, get two rejections and quit. They’re not

weenies. They can’t help it. Their limbic brain has taken

them out of the game to protect them from the pain of

rejection. I’ve had panic attacks that felt like heart

attacks over this stuff.

So the trick is to build your prospect list on the

internet so you don’t ever have to go through the rejection


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Source by Jim Keayes