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Anyone in the   MLM  business knows that prospecting can be very challenging. Often I have spent endless hours searching for people to join my business with little success.

Some prospects will join just to end up quitting days or weeks later. With the advent of the web, the strategy of prospecting has changed. I no more have to walk the streets or buy leads which can be expensive and not all that credible.

Furthermore, the endless direct mail that comes to one house offering the greatest business opportunity, congress has passed laws to protect consumers from these practices.

Keys to success

To have any success in prospecting you, as the prospector must be seen as a leader and get the permission to be invited to speak with them. Positioning oneself as a leader means to provide meaningful, relevant content information that can be used to help the other person.

It does not matter what your business is or what kind of person you are prospecting. The information by you must be seen as relevant and helpful or meaningful.

How you become relevant is by studying your craft. For example, reading about different prospecting or marketing strategies and teaching those strategies is an informative article or blog is an example.

In addition, if you can show where you have had success in implementing these strategies is a great advantage as well. There are great many books, articles etc that can help in that endeavor. To be a leader you have to be a life long learner.

Earlier I mentioned you have to be invited in:

To be invited in means you are allowed to e-mail or call that the prospect. By having web base 2.0 systems, such as an auto responder, that will follow up with e-mails is one way.

However, the most important aspect of being allowed to contact your prospect is a concept called The Law of Attraction. Law of Attraction is not necessarily learned it is by “designed” it is a biological response or attraction to another person.

Whether it is  MLM , Direct Marketing, or Online Marketing, the attraction is based upon you being able to convey that you have real value in what you know.

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Source by Tim Mason