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One of the most important things about network marketing is having enough leads. Without leads, or prospects, we would have great difficulty in recruiting other distributors into our network. And although having enough leads is important, probably more important is our follow-up with those leads. After all, what good is a lead if we handle it wrong, or even worse, do nothing with it.

I think we all have had the experience of talking to a prospect who shows lots of excitement but when we make that call back they seem to have had a complete turn around. They have no interest what-so-ever. And there may be any number of reasons for this happening, but it does happen. So what? In these cases we just move on to the next. As long as there is a “next”.

So, let’s concentrate on those prospects that are willing to listen on our first follow-up call. How do you treat them? We must remember that we have two things to offer our prospects. The first is the products we promote and the second is the business opportunity.

Some may disagree, but it is easier to promote the business opportunity of your   MLM  after the prospect has tried the products. Why? Because we have to remember that products must be sold before anyone makes money. And if a prospect uses the products and is satisfied with the benefits received from using them, they are more likely to want to get involved in the business.

So your first follow-up should focus on the product. However, it is very important to answer all questions the prospect has about the products or the business. And if you can’t answer a question, be honest and tell them you will have to get back to them after you talk to someone in the company. It is better to be honest than to try and bluff.

I have found that the simple task of taking notes while you are talking to a prospect can be very beneficial in follow-up conversations. If you can mention something from a previous conversation, it will impress the prospect. It tells them that you are attentive to their needs and you actually listen to what they are saying.

When you can show a prospect that you are truly interested in them and what is in their best interest, you are building a trust. And trust is so important in network marketing. People buy from people they trust.

Remember, the follow-up is very important. In fact, there is no sense having leads if you are not going to follow-up with them. And believe it or not, this happens in the  MLM  industry. Keep in mind that it is the needs of the prospect that have to be met before yours are. Don’t become a quitter in this industry because you fail to follow-up with your leads. If you don’t follow-up you will not build a networking business.

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Source by Scott Cameron