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What I have found through years and years in the home based business industry is that most people make it way more complicated than it actually is. When you make the business sound complicated people don’t understand it and therefore they don’t want to be a part of it.   MLM  is really not that complicated and once you look at it in a simplified way it will make it much easier to make money doing it.

 MLM , or network marketing, or direct sales or a home based business is just simply marketing a product or service. That’s IT! And as you marketing that product or service you bring other people on to your team who want to market that same product or service. As you build a bigger team you will make more money because one person selling 10 products a month is a little money but 50 people selling 10 products a month is big money.

As you build your team you make money from what you’re doing as well as making money off of what your team is doing.

Think of it this way. If you had a business where you sold t-shirts and you personally went door to door or store to store and sold and many t-shirts as you could in one day it would never be as much money as if you had 100 people out there doing the same thing and selling your t-shirts for you every day. That is all network marketing is, simple huh?

There is a misconception that in  MLM  you get paid JUST to bring people into the business not true. You bring people into the business but it is only when you get those people working and making money that you really start to make money. So when you help other people get rich you get rich in the process. Sound simple? It is!

 MLM  might be a lot of things but it’s not complicated.

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Source by Dan T Himes