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Its a new day for network marketers worldwide. There is no secret that the internet is now having a great impact on how they do their business. There is one system that is solely responsible for this trend, and is becoming the formula for most network marketers.

Network marketing has been around for many years, since the days of Amway, as far as I can remember. So traditionally, the faithful, still hold on to the way they were taught and have practiced, for those many years. They are not willing to give it up unless they are totally convinced that something else will benefit them better.

The advantages of the traditional way of doing network marketing, or as it is called   MLM , which is multi-level marketing, is that it is relationship based. Its all about building relationships with your prospects and customers, and in so doing trust is built, and an avenue is created for the network marketer to market their products or services on a friendly basis.

Network marketing down-lines that are not built on good relationships seem not to have the foundation for lasting growth, and falls away; everyone looking for another company or some other way to satisfy their convictions.

Most in this industry holds a desire for a better way of doing their network marketing businesses. They do not like the idea of having to bother, and sometimes chase their friends and families in pursuit of them joining their business opportunity.

The challenge to come up with two hundred names the same day you were introduced to an up-line leader is not palatable, but it is not meant to be pleasurable, but a requirement, if you want to build your business and get to the top fast. The awareness of having to make some cold calls, also challenges especially one who is new to the industry to change his or her mind. The learning of scripts, how to sound on the phone, when to call, how to prospect, are all challenges in this industry, and works out great for those who are discipline and whose mindset is to succeed no matter what.

So let us get back to what happened to this traditional way of network marketing. The new way is called “attraction marketing”, and was introduced to network marketing by one of the top producers in the industry; Mike Dillard. Others after him have written much about this new method of doing network marketing, and there seems to be no stopping of this system.

It is the ease by which network marketers are now generating leads/prospects that’s making the traditional way seem outdated, but you will find that even with the wave of attraction marketing, the need for relationships is still needed, which is one of the main elements found in the traditional way of network marketing.

The people who make the most amount of money in the industry, know that you must employ both the old and the new ways in their businesses. The old is used as the foundation that keeps prospects together, the new used to generate leads/prospects, and at the same time monetizes on those that say “no” to your business opportunities.

A special feature here is that with the old/traditional method, you have to talk to your prospects before they can be added to your qualified prospect list, that is after they are qualified according to your criterion, but with the new, because these prospects were searching and found the system, opted-in, so they added themselves to your list, making themselves qualified prospects.

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Source by Anthony Arnasalam