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Have you ever looked in the mirror and asked yourself, how can I get rid of this double chin? A double chin is a thick layer of fat around the neck. This fatty deposit makes the skin sag down and as a result, it creates a rather large wrinkle. This then gives the appearance of having a second chin, hence the name “Double Chin”.

It can happen to anyone regardless of sex or age. Although It happens a lot more to people who are obese or excessively overweight. But there are some cases where double chins are caused by genetics.

The main cause of this unsightly condition is due to excess weight gain, which is often the result of a bad diet. If you happen to have a double chin and you would like to be rid of it, then the first thing you should do to remove it, is change your eating habits. Exercise alone is not enough to remove this stored fat deposit from around your neck.

There are many weight loss plans available today. You could try weight watchers, Jenny Craig, Nutrisystem, or Slimfast among many others.

Make sure that you research each of the weight loss plans in order to find one that’s suited for your individual needs. Some of these plans are more expensive than others, so always make sure you take your budget into consideration when choosing a weight loss plan.

There are also many diets for weight loss that are freely available today. There are antioxidant diets, hoodia diets, green tea diets, raw food diets, cabbage diets, grapefruit diets, the Mayo Clinic Diet, the Atkins Diet, and the South beach Diet, all of which will help in the reduction and removal of a double chin.

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Source by David J. Young