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During my studies with Mr. Jaffrey I was reminded on many an occasion that one’s practice (how one acts) is determined by one’s philosophy.

In matters of health;

– If you choose to believe that disease is the result of some ‘microscopic life form’ invading your organism then you will quite likely search for a saviour in the form of the latest medico/pharmaceutical weapon.

– On the other hand, you also could choose to accept the philosophy that the condition of your own body is a direct result of the lifestyle you choose to live. If the condition is one of disease,

you can change the condition by changing your lifestyle.

This little essay developed from readings taken from Cosmos, Man and Society by Prof. Edmond Bordeaux Szekely – one of Mr. Jaffrey’s greatest mentors.

I include a small selection of Szekely’s thoughts on this topic.

– ‘The results of the tendency to action are: science, techniques, etc.

– The results of the tendency to belief are: religion, morals, etc.

– The results of the tendency to reason are: philosophy, metaphysics, logic, etc.

The integral dynamism of these correlative results is human culture – the total creative work of man in the face of uncreated nature.

Science and belief are therefore not opposed but correspond to fundamental different tendencies in man and mutually complimentary in the framework of philosophy and form an integral correlative

conception of life and the universe.

The individual acts and preserves himself in a belief in his eternity and this preservative action develops him by harmonizing his action and his belief in a rational synthesis.

All the insoluble problems in the history of philosophy spring from confusion in these correlative fields.

The history of philosophy is nothing but the history of points of view in the light of real or imaginary aspects of correlative reality.

Philosophy is therefore the adaptation of human thought to reality.’

All the best for your health and happiness,

Kevin Hinton

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