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Everyone who reaches the age of reason and understands the role money plays desires riches. So says Napoleon Hill in his classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”. However, merely desiring riches will not cause riches to appear in our life. The 1st step is to build what Hill describes as burning desire, a desire so strong that it permeates everything we do and causes us to focus our energy and our attention on the object of our burning desire.

There is a step that precedes burning desire and that is definition. Hill points out that merely stating we want lots of money doesn’t get us there. We need to be specific in our plan. Exactly how much money do we intend to acquire and by what date do we intend to acquire it?

This is similar to building a house. We cannot walk into the building supply store and ask for material to build a house. The clerk would look at is as if we were insane and indeed, he would be justified. How big is the house, how many rooms, what is the layout, how many windows… we must have details to move forward with: In other words definite plans.

And so it is with the accumulation of wealth. Definite plans are required. The burning desire must be supported with definite plans for the attainment of the thing we desire. What exactly is it that we intend to do to cause the object of our burning desire to appear in our life? What do we intend to give in return for there is no such thing as something for nothing.

Now that we have our plans backed by our burning desire, we need action. There are some who would have us believe that the Law of Attraction is such that we can attract the object of our desire by focusing our mind and through affirmations and belief, the thing will appear. Nonsense! I want a new RV. I do not expect that new RV to drive itself onto my deck while I sit there with beer in hand affirming my RV into existence.

The universe will cooperate, but the way it cooperates is it opens the doors and shows us the way but, we must do the work. The universe will also test us, it will play with us so the final step in the process is to persist without recognizing failure.

We must fail our way to success. We cannot allow temporary defeat to turn into permanent failure for if we do, we lose. It is an old trite, and worn out, overused saying that “Winner don’t quit and quitters don’t win” but it is however the bedrock principle that underlies all great success and also all great failure.

And so burning desire for success must be supported with definiteness of plans and purpose, and action that does not recognize defeat. Now we have a winner.

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Source by Len Mooney