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Is there one ‘magical’ way how to market your  MLM  online so that your downline (and your bank account) will grow by leaps and bounds? Do you believe that when you find the ultimate form of traffic that you will see your  MLM  business instantly explode? Are you always hoping to learn about that one “super secret” form of traffic which, if you find it, will work to grow your business like magic? If this describes you, then you need to read every word of this article.

While you certainly want to stay up-to-date on what is happening in terms of traffic (e.g., what kind of ads are being approved on Facebook and Google), you want to be sure that when it comes to how to market your  MLM  online that you don’t have the “bigger better deal” mentality. What I mean is that you don’t want to be on a never-ending quest for some super-secret form of traffic that will send one million perfectly targeted leads to your page every single day.

It is easy to have this mentality, especially if you are like many network marketers and have yourself on numerous network marketing “guru’s” email lists. If you are, then your perception of how to market your  MLM  online successfully may be a bit skewed. It is not that you can’t get some great information from these experts, but you just needs to learn to keep it in perspective.

While certain experts and other media out there may give the impression that if you find the one perfect form of traffic that your business will instantly become ultra-profitable, the truth is that this is not the answer. Instead, you want to always be thinking in terms of designing your marketing like an octopus — your marketing should have many “tentacles.”

How to market your  MLM  online successfully is to not strive to find one perfect form of traffic, but rather to learn and master multiple forms of traffic and use them all. In other words, your attitude towards different kinds of traffic should not be “one vs another,” but instead should be “ALL!”

A word of caution here about this and how to market your  MLM  online so that it will be guaranteed to work versus set you up to fail. While I want you to ultimately be using multiple forms of traffic, that is not how you should start off if you’re newly learning how to market your  MLM  online.

Why? Because using multiple sources of traffic will work ONLY if each form of traffic is effective and producing results for you. The idea is to have multiple sources of traffic bringing you leads. If you do not know how to use each form of traffic effectively and so that it produces results, then putting multiple forms of traffic into place will not only fail to give you the results you want, but may ultimately lead to the failure of your business.

How to market your  MLM  online using these multiple traffic sources is to introduce them into your marketing system one at a time. Start with one form of traffic (your choice which one), work with it until you master it and are producing good results with it, THEN add another one. Do the same thing with that second one, and keep doing that until you have multiple, effective forms of traffic working for you.

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Source by Terry Duff